The CIA called the organizer of terrorist attacks in Paris, “Al-Qaeda”

A series of terrorist attacks in Paris, most likely staged militants “Al-Qaeda”, not “Islamic state.” This is shown by the complexity of the execution attacks. This opinion was expressed in the US Central Intelligence Agency.

US intelligence officers questioned that the series of terrorist attacks in the French capital staged militants “Islamic state” (the organization is banned in Russia Ed.). “The attacks in Paris due to their complexity not like to work,” IG “, - quotes, NBC senior official to combat terrorism in US intelligence. According to experts, high level of coordination refers to” al-Qaeda “.

Meanwhile, the “IG” had made a statement in which it claimed responsibility for a series of terrorist attacks. “This is a vendetta for Syria. It is September 11 France” - quoted militants channel Sky Tg24.

As written Dni.Ru evening of November 13 in several districts of Paris, the attacks occurred. Unknown persons opened fire at the restaurant in front of the concert hall Le Bataclan, as well as near the bar Carillion, after which the terrorists took hostage around 1,500 people who were at a rock concert at Le Bataclan.

At the same time the entrance to the stadium Stade de France, which held the match between the football teams of France and Germany, three explosions rocked. According to the French police, two of them suicide attacks. According to recent reports, the victims of a series of attacks began to 153 people, a lot of people injured.

14 November 2015

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• Al-Qaeda will inevitably try to commit a terrorist attack against the United States in the next six months »»»
American intelligence services believe the inevitable attempt to commit a network of al-Qaeda a new attack against the United States in the next three to six months.
• Today, 10 years of terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon »»»
An act of terrorism September 11, 2001 (sometimes referred to as simply 9 / 11) - a series of four coordinated suicide terrorist attacks that occurred in the United States.
• Department of State will recommend to Americans not to visit the European attractions »»»
The U.S. State Department will recommend the Americans for security reasons to refrain from visiting European tourist attractions and to be vigilant when traveling to Europe.
• Al-Qaeda was planning to feed Americans poisoned food »»»
The terrorist organization Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula “was considering the possibility of poisoning of products used in American cafes and restaurants.
• US aircraft bombed the financial center of the IG (According to sources in the military, insurgents have suffered serious financial loss) »»»
The US Air Force bombed the Iraqi central Mosul, where there was a financial center of the terrorist group "Islamic State", CNN referring to members of the armed forces.

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