Media: the United States began to export its tactical nuclear weapons from Turkey to Romania

The air base “Incirlik”

Moscow. on 18 August. INTERFAX.RU - European online edition EurActiv with reference to independent sources reported on Thursday that the United States began to translate stationed in Turkey’s nuclear weapons to Romania on the background of deteriorating relations between Washington and Ankara.

According to one of the sources of the online edition, the operation is very complicated technically and politically.

According to a recent report Simson Center, writes EurActiv, 50 tactical nuclear weapons of the United States have been placed since the “Cold War” at the air base, “Incirlik” in Turkey, approximately 100 km from the Syrian border.

During the failed coup in Turkey in July, the Turkish government has banned flights of American aircraft to the base of it and continue to base commander arrested for his involvement in the coup attempt. Without answering the question remains whether the United States would be able to maintain control over these weapons in the event of a prolonged civil conflict in Turkey, the report said.

Another source, as reported by EurActiv, said the US-Turkey relations is so deteriorated after the coup that Washington no longer trusts Ankara to store nuclear weapons. His, according to a source publication, move on “Deveselu” Romanian base.

“Deveselu”, said EurActiv, is the seat of the new US missile shield, which causes great discontent in Russia.

US nuclear weapons are stationed throughout Europe. [Amanda Slater / Flickr]

18 August 2016

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