Europe scares re Nazism from Ukraine (But seriously she is unable to resist this, experts)

Central British newspaper “The Daily Telegraph” has confirmed the participation of European neo-Nazis in punitive action against the New Russia. According to the author, there are fighting racists and anti-Semites open.

Deputy director of the center of Ukrainian and belorusistiki MSU. University Bogdan Bezpalko believes that Europe increasingly difficult to close their eyes to the Ukrainian fascists.

“What are doing now in New Russia the Ukrainian authorities, other than genocide can not be named. Specific performers - the National Guard battalions neo-Nazi - do not hide their fascist views. Example, the symbolism of the battalion” Azov “is the symbolism of the SS Division” Das Reich “,” - stated Bogdan Bezpalko.

This is confirmed by the National Guard and the militants themselves.

“Personally, I’m a Nazi. I do not hate other nationalities, but I believe that each nation should have its own country,” - said one of the warriors of the battalion “Azov” in an interview with a British journalist.

Command neo Andrew Biletsky said that under his leadership - fighters from Ireland, Italy, Greece and Scandinavia.

“The historical mission of our nation at this critical time - to lead the world in the White Race last crusade for its survival. Crusading against Semites headed subhumans” - said Biletsky

The fact that the Ukrainian Nazis collected its European twin and supplying them with weapons, bothered expert Mark Galeotti from New York University. He is worried that after the war, these fascists with the real experience of fighting will create serious problems throughout Europe.

However, the official European authorities to potential problems do not wish to see. According to political analyst Mikhail Leontiev, the European Union is fully controlled by the United States.

“Europe would long ago have all noticed if she was allowed to Americans. Europe politically insignificant, so the United States forced the EU to take sanctions against the fact themselves, forcing Europe to act against their own interests,” - said Leontiev.

12 August 2014

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