The Pentagon has announced its readiness to confront Russia after Putin’s departure (US Defense Secretary said he hoped that Russia will change its current foreign policy, but “not sure” it)

US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter warned that confrontation with Russia can carry long-term nature.

“Adaptation, of which I speak is based on the fact that we do not expect that Russia could change under President Vladimir Putin, and even later,” - he said, noting that the US and NATO should be prepared for a long confrontation with Russia in the new conditions that have developed as a result of Russia’s policy towards Ukraine.

Carter spoke on board the plane with the journalists who accompanied him to the beginning of European tour.

He said he hoped that Russia will change its current foreign policy, but “not sure” in this.

Carter also commented on Putin’s statement regarding the building of nuclear missile potential of Russia.

“For Vladimir Putin did not need to say it. I really can not explain to you (journalists), why he took such a position, but I think it is inappropriate,” - he said.

At the same time, the Pentagon chief said the need to cooperate with Russia on a range of international issues, in particular on the nuclear issue of Iran.

A Pentagon spokesman, in turn, told reporters that Carter “will push allies (NATO) to ensure that they thought about new threats, new technology, will require something like the light extraction scenarios the” cold war “to identify new ways of confrontation new threats. ”

Carter will visit Germany, Estonia, will take part in the meeting of the defense ministers of the North Atlantic Alliance in Brussels.

Earlier, Putin said that this year the composition of the nuclear forces will add more than 40 new intercontinental ballistic missiles that will be able to overcome any, even the most technically advanced missile defense system. This statement drew criticism of the US leadership and NATO. In turn, the head of the presidential administration Sergei Ivanov said in an interview with Financial Times, that the West fears are unfounded.

22 June 2015

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