Media learned about Washington’s plans to deploy military forces in Syria

The administration of US President Barack Obama is considering the establishment of no-fly zones and security zones in the border areas of Syria with the assistance of military forces. It is reported by The New York Times, citing a source in the White House.

On the establishment of no-fly zone, according to the publication, insisted on meeting at the White House, held on October 18, US Secretary of State John Kerry and a number of other high-ranking officials. At the same time, the Pentagon chief Ashton Carter reacted to this idea with skepticism because of the need to attract serious forces and increase the risk of accidental conflict with the Russian military, involved in operations in Syria.

US President Barack Obama, according to The New York Times, was absent from the meeting. At the same time, the publication points out that it has consistently opposed the establishment of no-fly zone.

Among the options, which are also discussed in the White House - the creation of safe zones for civilians in Syria’s borders with Turkey and Jordan, according to The New York Times. At the same time in Washington admit that these areas could be used not only to help civilians, but also to protect the moderate Syrian opposition.

23 October 2015

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• DWN: US would not send troops to Syria, but will make its allies »»»
President Barack Obama believes too risky to send their troops to the conflict zone, but it is possible that for him this step will have to make allies, writes the German edition.
• US does not want to create a no-fly zone because of the threat of confrontation with Russia (White House spokesman said that the attempt to establish a restricted area in the regions of Syria, where Russian planes fly, lead to conflict with Moscow) »»»
The threat of direct confrontation with Russia is one of the reasons why the US is not currently considering options for a no-fly zone in Syria.
• Bc US: S-400 does not prevent the US Air Force to continue the operation in Syria »»»
Russia's decision to send to Syria to protect its military
U.S. drones are already used to monitor the situation in Syria, according to the American broadcaster NBC, citing sources at the Pentagon.
• United States does not support the Ukraine about putting armor of the Russian Federation »»»
The White House can not confirm the approval of the Ukrainian authorities.

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