90 years ago in the United States entered the “prohibition”

To drink or not drink. 90 years ago in the United States entered into force on the fateful Eighteenth Amendment to the Constitution - in the country has entered a “dry” law. In the first months improved the welfare of the people, increased consumption of milk has decreased crime. But this was only the calm before the storm. The flowering of the mafia, smuggling and corruption - just comes at a time of the ban.

16 January 2010 | amendment, constitution, consumption, country, law, month, people

Hunters of ducks have threatened the security of the plant for the assembly of nuclear weapons in the U.S.
The airport terminal in New York closed because of a failure in the security system

• Exactly 80 back in America ended the era of "Prohibition" »»»
December 5, 1933 entered into American history as Repeal Day (day cancellation).
• 145 years ago in the U.S., slavery was abolished »»»
January 31, 1865 the U.S. Congress passed the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, abolishing slavery in all states.
• The mayor of New York prohibits the sale of large portions of soda, coffee and soft drinks to combat obesity »»»
New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is going to ban the sale of large portions of soda and sugary drinks.
• American policeman asked for asylum in the Russian Federation because of corruption in the US (The man ran away from his country, when it began to push after the publication of the crimes of law enforcement data) »»»
Police from the US state of Florida, John Mark Dugan asked for political asylum in Russia after it started pressures at home because of human rights activities.
• Vice-governor of Tennessee announced Islam outside the protection of the Constitution »»»
In the U.S., a member of the Republican Party, Ron Ramsey (Ron Ramsey) questioned the fact that Islam is a religion, which falls under the protection of the American Constitution.

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