United States offered to give the Croatian Mi-8 MTV Ukraine

United States offered to give Croatia multipurpose helicopters Mi-8 MTV Ukraine, according to the Croatian edition Jutarnji List. Instead of these machines, the Croatian military department can get used multipurpose helicopters UH-60M Black Hawk from the United States National Guard. Corresponding proposal was discussed at a meeting of Defence Minister Ante Kotromanovicha and chief of staff of the armed forces of Croatia Drago Lovric with the head of the delegation of the House of Representatives Harold Rogers. Specific agreement had yet been reached.

As expected, the next round of talks between the United States and Croatia will be held in September 2014. At this time, they will participate chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the armed forces, General Martin Dempsey, USA. Air Force Croatia are 14 helicopters Mi-8 MTV and ten Mi-171SH. Earlier, the Croatian military department has contracted to overhaul six Mi-8 MTV; in four cars has already been completed. The remaining two have not yet repaired, because the necessary parts for more than three months do not come from Sevastopol.

Originally Croatia considering buying second-hand American helicopter Black Hawk. It clarifies the Croatian edition, the military had planned to buy at least 20 cars parked in service with the United States National Guard is not more than seven or eight years. Later, the United States offered to barter Croatia - supply of second-hand UH-60M in exchange for the transfer of the Mi-8 MTV Ukraine. In addition to the helicopters themselves American side proposed to include in the contract logistics services, training of pilots and maintenance personnel, as well as spare parts.

Multipurpose helicopter Mi-8 MTV TV3-117VM the engine is designed to transport cargo and troops (up to 24 paratroopers). The machine is capable of speeds up to 250 kilometers per hour and to operate at a distance of 590 kilometers.

18 August 2014

United States does not support the Ukraine about putting armor of the Russian Federation
No-fly zone. In the United States extended a ban on flights at an altitude below 900 m above Ferguson.

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