Churkin: communicating polite and Power

The situation in Ukraine, the United States are under the scheme of black and white comic book: in a negative way served Moscow’s position, in high tones - a policy of Kyiv. Russia’s permanent representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin said in an interview with RIA Novosti in New York Olga Denisova, on the visit to Ukraine of his American colleague Samantha Power, and their everyday communication within the walls of the United Nations.

- Vitaly, last week in Kiev, at considerable media accompanied visited your American counterpart, US ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power. How do you assess this visit it?

- Before leaving Samantha Power in Ukraine significantly Americans gave us to understand that it is going to promote the implementation of the agreement in Minsk on February 12 this year. However, in reality this is not visible. Implementation of the Minsk agreements are hardly mentioned, but the fore the theme of the opening of the UN Office in Ukraine - which, incidentally, is not expected. It is unclear who authorized the US ambassador for the United Nations to discuss the issue. We know that Ban Ki-moon to the US permanent representative to such instructions are not given, and could not give. It should not be fooling the Kiev authorities. As is the case with the Americans, he took top propaganda, and in his public speeches, Samantha Power was well-known scheme of American comics, when everything is divided into black and white.

The black light was supplied Russia’s position and the policy of Kyiv and Ukrainian really speaks almost exclusively in high tones. Here and qualifications October parliamentary elections as free and fair (the direct intimidation of political opponents of the word), and talk about the freedom of the media (the assassination of a leading opposition journalist Ukrainian Olesya Elderberry in the United States, of course, not heard, not to mention the harassment Ukraine Russian media).

In fairness, we note that slipped and interesting moments, such as the statement that the Kiev authorities will not invoke the responsibility of the perpetrators of acts of violence on the Maidan and in Odessa. It’s a matter of principle, we reveal the inside story of the tragic political developments in Ukraine. There ought to have been more detail, but this phrase hung in the air.

Referring to the need for freedom of movement for humanitarian purposes through the line of demarcation in the Donbass, Samantha Power ignored the fact many months of daily shelling residential areas of Ukrainian law enforcers settlements Donetsk and Lugansk regions. But US ambassador likes to speculate about the protection of civilians in those cases where it is in America’s political interests. It seems that his reputation as a “human rights defender” Samantha Power in Kiev “damped”.

17 June 2015

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