State Department representative was not able to explain to the correspondent RT, where it is located the position of the IG in Syria

During the briefing, State Department spokesman Mark Toner, RT correspondent Gayane Chichakyan asked to comment on the position of the United States, according to which the US authorities have no confidence in the nature of objectives videoconferencing Russian air strikes in Syria. Earlier, Mark Toner told reporters that the US “think” that the Russian strikes on the positions “moderate opposition”.

“Our position on Russia has been clear in recent days. We would welcome constructive stance if Russia will be engaged in a struggle with the IG. We saw that they were beaten on the objectives of the IG. We think that Russia hits the opposition goals,” - said Toner September 5 at the briefing.

During today’s briefing Gayane Chichakyan State Department representative drew attention to the fact that the city of Al-Raqqa is the de facto capital of the “Islamic State”, but in the United States and a coalition of Idlib yourself struck this summer. Asked whether Al-Raqqa, and Idlib free of militant IG, Mark Toner said only that “Russia strikes in regions where the IG effect is weak or not present at all.”

RT correspondent also noted that a month before the US could not find enough members of the “moderate” opposition to the passage of the program on training, but after the Russian attacks on the positions of terrorists, the State Department again raised the issue of the preparation of the Free Syrian Army.

“We’re trying to find a moderate rebels in the northern regions of Syria, where the same may be IG militants and assist these moderate elements”, - said Mark Toner, the question of the journalist RT.

Earlier, representatives of the Russian Defense Ministry said that Russia has verified and accurate information on the whereabouts of terrorist bases.

“Our information about the areas where terrorists LIH in Syria repeatedly verified and accurate. However, if the military departments antiigilovskoy coalition has additional information about the terrorists, we ask them to give us. We are sure they will take into account when planning combat missions of our air group in Syria,” - said the head Main Operations Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, Colonel-General Andrei Kartapolov.

7 October 2015

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US does not want to create a no-fly zone because of the threat of confrontation with Russia (White House spokesman said that the attempt to establish a restricted area in the regions of Syria, where Russian planes fly, lead to conflict with Moscow)

• US State Department still does not know how to distinguish the opposition of terrorists in Syria »»»
Washington has repeatedly stated that we need to take a cautious approach to the issue of determination of the opposition and terrorist organizations operating in the territory of Syria.
• Defense Ministry: It seems that the position of objects terrorists in Syria is the most guarded state secret US »»»
Russian Defense Ministry commented on the statement by the Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland.
• US militants LIH retreating on all fronts »»»
Terrorists "Islamic State" (banned in Russia) are retreating on all fronts.
• US General: Russia's participation in the campaign against the IG is required »»»
In addition, the US military said that the operation of
• Obama signed into law training and arming the Syrian opposition »»»
President Barack Obama signed a law allowing the American military to train and equip armed men "moderate" of the Syrian opposition, reports the Associated Press.

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