Obama called on Congress to authorize the use of military force against the IG

US President Barack Obama called on Congress to authorize the use of military force in the struggle against extremist “Islamic State” (forbidden in Russia faction). Speaking on Sunday evening with an appeal to the country on the fight against terrorism and national security, he said that has long been sending Americans to participate in the fight, using his presidential powers.

“If Congress thinks we are at war with the IG, it must authorize the continued use of military force against terrorists, - the president said. - I think it’s time for Congress to vote (for the same bill), to demonstrate that the US people are united and committed to this fight (against terrorism). ”
Obama also called on Congress to limit the sale of automatic weapons in the country and not to allow weapons could buy people who are not allowed to fly aircraft in the United States. “Congress should pass a bill prohibiting the purchase of weapons to those which, by law, is prohibited fly in an airplane,” - continued the president.
In his opinion there should be no reason “to allow terrorist suspects to buy semi-automatic weapons.” “It is a matter of national security - said Obama. - We also need to complicate the process of buying a powerful military weapons.”
All possible US
Obama said that the fight against the IG will use “all the possibilities” USA. He explained that, in particular, has in mind a more active cooperation with friends and allies of the United States and opening in countries such as Russia, the opportunity to contribute to the common cause. It is also “seal” the Turkish-Syrian border.
The strategy of Washington, Obama singled out primarily military component. “Our military will hunt the terrorists hatching plans, in any country, where required,” - said the US president. “In Iraq and Syria airstrikes had destroyed the leaders of LIH,” - he added, using the well-established name in the US IG.
Obama said that after the recent terrorist attacks in Paris US’s closest allies, including France, Germany and Velikobrianiyu, “strengthened its own contribution to the military campaign” Western coalition.

“Secondly, we will continue to prepare tens of thousands of Iraqi and Syrian fighters, fighting (with IG) on the ground,” - said Obama. He recalled that the United States has sent to the country of his Special Forces soldiers “to intensify these efforts.”
“Third, we are working with friends and allies working to suppress the action of LIH - continued the president of the United States. - In order to disrupt their plans to suppress the financing channels, not to give them to recruit new fighters.” In this context, he noted that Washington after the tragedy in Paris sharply increased intelligence sharing with the European allies.
“We work with Turkey to ensure the” seal “of its border with Syria,” - said the owner of the White House.

7 December 2015

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