The world’s elite is hiding his money for exotic trusts, secret bank accounts and nominee directors …

Materials obtained as a result of one of the biggest leaks in the history of modern journalism, reveal the secret offshore companies that world dictators, business tycoons and criminals use to hide states, tax evasion and fraud operations.

12 leaders of different countries are named in the documents, 128 current and former politicians and civil servants are mentioned in the documents, the documents include the names of 29 of the Forbes billionaires list, leaked As for 202 different countries in the investigation involved more than 400 journalists from around the world.

4 April 2016

Russia shows the world: unarmed Russian can not be killed even in war
Moldova: “Many, many people are not averse to return the” Soviet occupation “(Voronin told the US ambassador, as the Moldovans and he” suffered from the Soviet occupation “)

• Russian billionaires for the year of the crisis was twice as much. Forbes explained the differences between Russia's billionaires from the U.S.. »»»
The number of billionaires in Russia for the year of global financial crisis has risen to 62 from 32 the year before.
• Russian human rights activists handed over to the U.S. Senate, "a list of Yukos' »»»
Russian human rights activists and cultural workers in the U.S.
• About Kashino learned in the USA. On the search for criminals connected Representatives U.S. State Department and human rights activists from Amnesty International. »»»
The scandal with the attack on the correspondent of the newspaper “Kommersant” Oleg Kashin went on an international level.
• Wiesenthal Center has called the 9 countries not pursuing Nazi war criminals »»»
The Simon Wiesenthal Center listed the 9 states that refuse to prosecute Nazi war criminals.
• In the US, detained offender attacked the police in imitation Rambo »»»
In the US state of Pennsylvania detained one of the most dangerous criminals in the country.

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