Due to the deterioration of relations between Russia and the EU Brussels in the framework of negotiations on the establishment of a transatlantic free trade area requires the United States to supply oil and natural gas

According to the European Commissioner for Trade Karel De Gucht at a meeting with reporters in Washington, the EU production is considered important position on the issue “as soon as possible, because, perhaps, you might have noticed that in Europe there are certain things.”

“I can not imagine that the TTIP was ever prepared without such provisions,” - said the European Commissioner for Trade.

TTIP - Transatlantic trade and investment partnership, providing, in particular, the formation of a free trade area between the United States and the EU. The launch of negotiations with a view to concluding it was announced in June 2013.

De Gucht said that he discussed issues related to the requirements of the EU in the energy sector, with the representative of the United States Trade Representative, having the rank of a member of the president’s office, Ambassador Michael Fromanom. European Commissioner also acknowledged that “even in the best of all worlds TTIP agreement would have been reached at the end of next year.” Nevertheless, “I think everyone agrees that energy now - it’s more urgent question, as well as a very large extent geostrategic” issue, added the Commissioner.

In March, President Barack Obama said that the American authorities are willing to give permission for the export of natural gas in the volumes necessary for the daily needs of Europe. According to him, the United States can “to export natural gas in quantities that exceed consumption in Europe.”

The head of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso later admitted that gas supplies from the United States will not solve the energy problems of the European Union. Berlin also said that natural gas supplies from Russia to the European Union is no reasonable alternative. A ban on the supply of crude oil from the United States abroad, issued in the form of a federal law in force since 1975. This legal act was prepared after the establishment of the Arab countries of the oil embargo in the West in 1973.

Natural gas abroad, American companies can supply only licenses that are issued by the government. American firms are free to deliver to other countries coal and refined petroleum products, including gasoline.

10 September 2014

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