Obama signed into law training and arming the Syrian opposition

President Barack Obama signed a law allowing the American military to train and equip armed men “moderate” of the Syrian opposition, reports the Associated Press.

In Syria, a few years of civil war, the United States and several other Western countries support the rebels fighting with the authorities of the country. In the summer one of the extremist groups from Syria “Islamic state” started a major offensive in the north of Iraq. The United States introduced a plan to combat the IG key points which - strikes on the positions of the IG in Syria and Iraq, support the Iraqi security forces and armaments moderate Syrian opposition.

On Friday, Obama explained that the United States will supply the equipment and train the Syrian opposition fighters to combat “Islamic state.” The president said that Washington “is already providing assistance, including military, the Syrian opposition, but new efforts include the provision of equipment and training of soldiers of the Syrian opposition, so that they become stronger and able to fight back the terrorists in Syria.”

This program, as emphasized by the American leader, will take place outside of Syria, with the support of the Arab countries. Earlier, a bill to assist the Syrian opposition, adopted the American Congress.

20 September 2014

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• Media: Pentagon spent $ 500 million to train Syrian opposition forces »»»
Source: icdn.lenta.ru As part of the support and training of oppositional Syrian forces US authorities intended to train five thousand rebels.
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In his new article, veteran fighting the US Gordon Duff said that the split in the American military command.
• US plans to prepare about 15 thousand. Syrian opposition fighters »»»
US plans to equip and train at least 15 thousand.
• Obama has previously accused Russia of a possible breakdown of the truce in Syria »»»
Barack Obama has made a new attack against Russia because of Syria.
• State Department representative was not able to explain to the correspondent RT, where it is located the position of the IG in Syria »»»
During the briefing, State Department spokesman Mark Toner, RT correspondent Gayane Chichakyan asked to comment on the position of the United States.

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