The Russian fleet again defies the United States

According to the new commander of the US Navy Admiral John Richardson, the United States discussed the issue of the placement of additional ships and naval resources in Europe, reports the Financial Times. Richardson said in an interview that the US Navy reviewing its global doctrine in the face of Russian activity in the waters of the Black Sea and the Mediterranean to the Pacific Ocean, the journalist writes Demetri Sevastopulo.

“Their submarine fleet and the Navy also active as a long time ago, about 20 years ago - said in an interview with Richardson. - How do we place our power to ensure the proper maintenance of our balance sheet and adequate involvement?”

According to Richardson, the US Navy discussed whether to increase their presence in Europe and the Pacific.

The newspaper comments: “Part of the increased activity due to the Russian intervention in Syria, but the Russian Navy’s increasingly active on the East Coast to the Pacific.”

The United States are particularly concerned about indications that the Russian submarines keep track of important communication cables at the bottom of the Atlantic. Admiral Richardson said: “This could be a threat to other global system - the system /…/ information that is relevant to the economic prosperity, safety.”

“Russian activity coincided with the new US operation in the South China Sea, which China should resist moves - his energetic action of the sea and the construction of artificial islands” - the newspaper writes.

Richardson said that “ambiguous motivation” China and Russia are forced to fear for the health of the global system, which guarantees the freedom of navigation and unimpeded commerce, “the article says.

According to Richardson, President Putin is trying to return to the Russian Navy on the world stage, “to ensure their participation in all the dialogue, which is formed to be perceived as /…/ major players.” “This is not a short-term phenomenon,” - said the admiral.

Richardson noted that Russia has recently demonstrated the quality of its Navy, firing cruise missiles at targets in Syria from the ships in the Caspian Sea.

The US is also faced with the rapid buildup of the Chinese navy, the author writes. China raised in the South China Sea five artificial islands to better project its power in the Pacific.

Richardson said that the fleet of the US Navy and its partners in the world is very important to cooperate as much as possible smoothly.

3 November 2015

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