U.S. offer of Puerto Rico becoming a state or an independent state

U.S. House of Representatives on April 29 approved a bill on holding a referendum on the political status of the archipelago of Puerto Rico. The lower house of Congress held it a document by a majority of 223 votes against 169.

If approved by the Senate, USA 4 million people of Puerto Rico will be able to decide the future shape of their state through a referendum. The plebiscite be held in two phases. In the first round, voters will vote for or against changing the existing political status of Puerto Rico. This vote can and residents of Puerto Rico, living in the United States. If the majority would vote in favor of the revision of the archipelago, which now has the status of an autonomous territory of the United States, will be assigned to the second round.

During the second vote, residents will be asked to select one of four possible options for the future of government: autonomy in the U.S. state in the U.S., a sovereign state associated in an alliance with the United States or an independent state. If the majority of the population would vote in favor of becoming a state, a decision must be approved by Congress.

Puerto Rico is part of the United States since 1898. Until 1947, the territory de facto colony: officials of Puerto Rico appointed president. Since 1947, people choose their own governor. Since 1952, the territory formally known as “freely associated states”, but many management issues remain the responsibility of U.S. authorities.

Against the bill on the status of Puerto Rico in the U.S. House of Representatives were mostly Republicans. Mainly, they did not like the prospect of the inclusion of Puerto Rico in the U.S. on the Rights of the State, as much as English the official language in Spanish is. Moreover, as a state of Puerto Rico will receive in the House 6 beds, which are likely to be taken away from other regions.

30 April 2010

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