IG Hackers hacked database of the US military

A group of hackers, claiming his involvement with the radical group “Islamic State” (IG), published supposedly personal data of hundreds of employees of the armed forces and civil servants, and the United States urged the militants to organize an attack on them, according to TV channel NBC News.

Hackers claimed that hold data about names, email addresses, passwords and telephone numbers of employees Air Force, NASA and Port Authorities of New York and New Jersey, as well as the credit card data of several employees of the State Department.

“We are aware of this report, but we currently can not confirm its veracity. Our main goal - the safety of those in the service”, - quotes the representative of the US Department of Defense channel.

Company Flashpoint Intelligence, dealing with issues of cybersecurity, told television station that if this is real hacker attack, it will mean that the group IG undertook with great zeal for the spread of personal information for the purpose of single attacks.
Terrorist group “Islamic State” is today one of the major threats to global security. In three years, the terrorists managed to capture large areas of Iraq and Syria. In addition, they are trying to spread its influence in North Africa.

United front against the IG is not: with the group fighting the government forces of Syria and Iraq, an international coalition led by the US (so far limited to air strikes) as well as the Kurds and the Lebanese and Iraqi Shiite militias. As a result of the fighting, hundreds of thousands of civilians were killed and several million have become refugees.

12 August 2015

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In early July, the management staff of the US administration (ORM) reported that hackers could steal personal data of 21.

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