The Guardian: Australia excluded from talks on Syria because of the objections against the participation of the Russian Federation

Australia was shut down from the past Saturday in Vienna negotiations on the peaceful settlement of the situation in Syria due to the fact that against its participation in the meeting by Russia. It is reported by The Guardian newspaper, citing sources in the government.

The talks in the Austrian capital on Saturday was attended by representatives of 20 countries and regional groups, including the US, Russia, Britain, France, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, the European Union, the Arab League and the United Nations. However, Australia, which plays a significant role in the international coalition and together with its partners bombed positions of the terrorist group “Islamic State” (banned in Russia) in Iraq and Syria, have been left outside the debate.

As the sources of The Guardian, Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop asked the United States why Canberra was not invited to the first round of talks on Syria at the end of October. The United States supported the inclusion of an ally of the international coalition in the November meeting, but Russia has opposed participation in negotiations Australia and Japan. It is remarkable that the press in the run-up to the meeting in Vienna, reported as a decided issue, the first time that Australia will join the consultations. However, as a result of Moscow’s position won.

The relations of Australia and Russia worsened after the crash airline Malaysia Airlines in eastern Ukraine in July 2014. Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott was one of the main critics of Moscow in the Ukrainian crisis. He even threatened not to allow President Vladimir Putin to the summit of G20, which was held last November in Brisbane, but after consultation with the other participants of the forum, the Australian authorities have decided not to cancel the invitation to send to Russia.

On the eve of the summit Abbott said he was ready to call the verbal duel Putin promised to “lay the ground is not” his opponent. Of course the arrival of the Russian president to the G20 summit was accompanied by panic in Australia, as the anticipated visit of the raid squadron of the Pacific Fleet, who advanced to the shores of this country. Australian authorities were forced to direct towards naval “tuple” Putin several ships and make a soothing appeal to the population.

No less hostility to the Russian leader showed and Julie Bishop. For example, in the February interview with BuzzFee, in which the Foreign Minister instead of words used emoticons in response to a request described the Russian president, she sent an “evil” smiley red.

16 November 2015

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