Russia shows the world: unarmed Russian can not be killed even in war

On the pages of a very, very opposition and financed by the western funds Carnegie Moscow Center, the former Yukos chief lawyer and a visiting professor at the University Vestministera published a detailed legal analysis of the “right to protection of Russians outside the Russian Federation.”

“In fact Savchenko Russia follows the principle of” not less America “and copies the American law enforcement. Regardless of the specific circumstances of the case, an attempt to create a precedent, according to which Russian civilians can not be killed, even if the country where they were killed, is a Russian conflict “- thus the principal private practice Gololobov & amp; Co estimates the Russian legislation and its “military” enforcement.

“Let’s start with the facts about the alleged abduction Savchenko” the competent authorities of the Russian Federation “with the territory of Ukraine suppose that’s true.”, - The lawyer says.

“We take time to understand the present case in the US courts Russia, according to the investigation statement, the hacker Selezneva and read that he was kidnapped (there is hardly appropriate to a different word) staff of the US Secret Service … and now over it there is the court in full. In response to the objections of the abduction, the need for extradition proceedings and compliance with international law US court said: “I do not care - the defendant brought into my jurisdiction, I have reason to believe that his actions had a negative effect in the United States - that judge”, ” - says the former head of Yukos yursluzhby.

“This is the principle male captus bene detentus,” properly caught, but for the cause of “the way, the medical reason not to judge Selezneva more than Savchenko, -. There is not contested by any evidence that he received a serious injury as the victims of terrorist acts”, - he adds.

Leaving aside the individual Savchenko, Gololobov notes that “we are trying to sort out the fact from the point of view of equity and fairness”.

“We take the tiresome business of Victor Bout. American court based its judgment on the assumption that maybe Viktor Bout sold alleged terrorists gun that supposedly killed or could kill American soldiers. And no one is bothered by the fact that the guns supplied Bout could quite successfully rot somewhere in the warehouse. He could harm US troops. a similar logic applies in the case of probable hacker Selezneva and letchika- “drug dealer” Yaroshenko that he has never been in the United States, does not “break” where banks are not traded there, “drug” , - he explains.

“All three Russian precedent speak about one thing: you can not perform any action, from which can be bad for US citizens, even if these acts are committed somewhere in Antarctica Here it should be noted that the Russian Criminal Code provides, in principle, to the Russian authorities. Just such an opportunity no one used that Russia behaves “-. a lawyer concludes.

“In 2002, President George W. Bush signed a law on the protection of US troops, American Service-Members’ Protection Act, the adoption of which is intended to intimidate countries that ratify the same Rome Statute, which laid the foundation for the International Criminal Court. The law authorizes use of military force to liberate any American citizen or US allied country, which would be in the hands of the International criminal Court in the Hague, or those who are going to pass it, “- he adds.

Thus, the United States officially declared the world that are going to be exactly and “repel force” his soldier, “captured on suspicion of war crimes by the International Criminal Court in The Hague so loved by all!”

“It’s about trying to fix the principle that unarmed Russian citizens can not be punished, let alone killed, even in a situation where the country in which they were hostile relations with Russia or even a direct conflict,” - says the world’s well-known lawyer.

At the same time, Dmitry Gololobov notes that the stereotype of the “corrupt” Russian ships obsolete - that those were in the 90th and the beginning of zero.

“In terms of public opinion the current court less objective than in the free 90 However, in practice the Russian courts to about 2005 believe it was quite impossible -. In the oligarchic period of development of the Russian statehood” reshalschiki “revealed the foot door in the judges’ offices” - he writes.

26 March 2016

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