98 years ago, the US announced the termination of the existence of Russia and landed troops in Vladivostok

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August 15, 1918 the United States announced the termination of the existence of Russia and landed troops in Vladivostok

Traditionally, the United States and Russia have never fought each other. However, there was an episode in our history, when the Americans with arms invaded the Russian land.

The idea of ​​military intervention in Russia originated in US ruling circles even before the victory of the October Revolution. Literally on the eve of the October armed uprising, on October 24 (November 6) 1917, the US ambassador to Russia, David Rowland Francis telegram to Washington offered to send to Russia via Vladivostok or Sweden several divisions of American troops.

February 21, 1918 the same Francis, reporting on the situation in Soviet Russia offered to immediately begin a military intervention.
“I insist - he wrote - on the need to take control of Vladivostok and Murmansk and Arkhangelsk to transfer control of the United Kingdom and France.”

Republican Senator from the state of Washington Miles Poindexter, calling for intervention, stated that
“Russia is a geographical concept, and nothing more it never will be. Her strength of cohesion, organization and recovery is gone forever. The nation does not exist.”

The first, ahead of the Americans, the British landed in Russian: March 9, they started in Murmansk landing from the cruiser “Glory.” March 14 at Murmansk with a new detachment invaders arrived British cruiser “Cochrane” and on March 18 - French cruiser “Admiral On”. Americans joined later: May 27 in the port of Murmansk came the American cruiser “Olympia”, which soon landed with a detachment of the US infantry.
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The first on Russian soil 4 September 1918 joined the soldiers 339 th Infantry Regiment. Despite the fact that the task of US forces included only the protection of military property, the situation at the front forced the invaders to quit the command of the US military offensive in the region of Vologda railway and Dvina.

Total losses of American troops in the north of Russia amounted to 110 killed in combat, and 70 people died from cold and disease. Incurred losses forced the Americans to evacuate its troops from the Russian north, and by 5 August in Murmansk, not a single American.

However, 10 days later, the US State Department officially announced the severance of diplomatic relations with Russia. This did not mean the Soviet Russia and its Bolshevik government, and Russia in general. In the declaration, the State Department said the termination of the existence of Russia as a state. On the same day the landing of American troops in Vladivostok. American Expeditionary Force in Siberia was under the command of Major General Graves and numbered 7950 soldiers and officers. The Russian units were relocated on the 27th and 31st Infantry Regiments, as well as volunteers from the 13 th, 62 th and 12 th
infantry regiments.

US troops were unprepared for the harsh conditions of Siberia. Widespread there were problems with the supply of fuel, ammunition and food. Horses US troops accustomed to living in a temperate climate, and were not able to operate in sub-zero temperatures, the water in the machine-guns without additives just froze.

The most notable clashes between Russian and Americans in the Far East has become a battle near the village of Romanovka, 25 June 1919, near Vladivostok, where the Bolshevik troops under the command of James Tryapitsyna attacked Americans and caused them losses of 24 people were killed.

The last American soldiers left Siberia April 1, 1920. During the 19-month stay in Russia, the Americans lost in the Far East 189 soldiers.

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