American policy: Russia’s attack on the US prophesied in the Bible

Former presidential candidate Herman Cain Republican Party sent an email to his supporters, “exposing” conspiracy Barack Obama and the leaders of the church, according to MSNBC. US President allegedly hiding from American Bible prophecy about the attack Russia, which will lead to the death of 80 percent of Americans.

That’s what many were this week by e-mail: “If you value your safety, put things right now and watch this short independent documentary - and better without witnesses.”

Council latch on to this week sent out to all subscribers Herman Cain campaign. As you may remember, Herman Cain was lucky enough to be a short time a leading presidential candidate of the Republican Party in the 2012 election. And now his supporters received an email with links to the video that explains that President Obama and the leaders of the Church conspired to hide from the public the biblical prophecy that Vladimir Putin will attack the United States of electromagnetic bomb. The future will not survive the invasion, 80 percent of Americans. It will happen by January 2017.

But against all this it is a means - it is only necessary to get a checkbook.

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26 May 2015

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