US General: Putin - the most respected world leader

Europe and the US “helpless” before Russia: Putin knows all the weaknesses of NATO, and he intends to take advantage of it, said US retired general and defense analyst Jack Keane channel Fox News.

MOSCOW, June 9 - RIA Novosti. Vladimir Putin - the most powerful world leader, said the American retired general and defense analyst Jack Keane in the broadcast channel Fox News.

Keane describes the Russian president as “perhaps the most formidable and the most respected” leader of the world, which is also very popular in his country.

Asked by Fox News reporter about whether the country G7 “to rebuff” Russia, Keane said that both Europe and the US “helpless” in front of the Russian Federation. Putin, in turn, is well aware of the weaknesses of NATO and will take advantage of them, said the American general.
Keane however acceded to a number of Western experts, who accuse Putin of “the annexation of the Crimea” and hostilities in Eastern Ukraine. Moscow has repeatedly denied such accusations.

The US general added that the West should respond to Russia’s actions in two ways: to send Ukraine lethal weapons and redeploy more troops of NATO to the Baltic states, but this, according to him, does not occur. “These are important things, but we do not do” - he said.

Vladimir Putin himself in a recent interview with the Italian newspaper Il Corriere della Sera said: imagine that Russia will attack NATO countries can only unhealthy people. In addition, the Russian president said that all the actions of the Russian Federation - is a response to the threats posed by its address, and the answer to a limited extent and scale.

9 June 2015

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