Dmitry Efimov: Pope’s visit to the US on the anniversary session of the UN may be in jeopardy

The advent of the information about the arrest in Philadelphia 15-year-old, who is suspected of planning attacks on Pope Francis during his planned visit to the United States on the eve of the visit, indirectly confirms the opinion of experts, that his presence at the jubilee session of the UN General Assembly is not desirable for the US administration.

The arrest of “villain” was made in August this year, but it has become known only now, said the TV channel. Scoring the situation on the eve of the visit of Pope Francis in the US on the anniversary session of the United Nations is nothing but a hint of the US administration on the insufficient level of security, said a member of the Expert Council of the Commission on Security MHD Dmitry Efimov. “Data on the orders of the FBI announced leadership the US Secret Service, which performs the personal order of President Obama,” - said the expert.

According to the joint statement of the FBI and Department of Homeland Security, a teenager inspired this campaign propaganda group “Islamic State”. “In addition to planning a terrorist attack,” the young man also accused of attempting to provide material support to a terrorist organization and involvement in terrorist activities. “Minor was inspired by the IG, and he intended to carry out an attack, which included multiple attackers, a firearm, a few pieces of explosives, and was directed against the foreign guest of honor during his visit,” - said in a statement.

“Inspired by underage terrorists led a gang of professional killers IG - very genuine threat to the eve of the visit of the protected person, - says Dmitry Efimov - even funnier looks statement that the” organizer “scored gang and gave her instructions on social networks. Where weapons HDV explosives or they, too, are of a virtual character? It is clear that this is a rhetorical question, because on the eve of the visit of the security services remove any negative information about the state of security in the potential host country and the threat object of protection. Based on this decision can be made about the cancellation of the visit, and is likely to this is what people had hoped from the US Treasury Secret Service, who gave the command to sound the theme “- pocherknul former senior staff officer FSO.

The emergence of this information is a direct allusion to the Vatican about the undesirability of the presence of the Pope in the United States, the arrival of which is scheduled for September 22. It is expected that the Pope will express US claims on the support of IG and provoke the flow of refugees to Europe.

16 September 2015

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