A columnist for Foreign Policy advised Ukraine to replace the power

The biggest problem in Ukraine remain its oligarchs, writes in an article for Foreign Policy adviser on political risk analyst Neil Abrams and Steven Fish.

In Ukraine tycoons control the mainstream media, parliament and judiciary. Executive power is headed by President Petro Poroshenko - the oligarch with a dubious past, the article says.

While the wealth and influence of the oligarchs are not powerful blow will be struck, in reforms in Ukraine there is no chance, US analysts emphasize. According to them, the situation can change in four stages.

The first step in this should do the Ukrainians themselves, expelling the current political elite, writes Abrams and Fish. In the elections of deputies to be elected and the president from among those who are not part of the “post-communist political establishment.”

The second stage - the replacement of corrupt officials to “motivated activists and those who are not involved in the system.”

“The third step is to eliminate subsidies that affect the majority of the oligarchs This will require first of all, to privatize state-owned enterprises, which used tycoons for their own gain.” - Suggest analysts. Also, according to them, will have to simplify the system of regulation and taxation.

Fourth, the government should make “corrupt capitalists” to give up a large part of their wealth.

“The newly appointed special prosecutors should hold as much as possible of the oligarchs on corruption-related charges, they must then offer them a deal:. To pay a huge lump sum tax on assets stolen or brought to justice,” - the authors believe.

This scheme, according to Abrams and Fish, will ensure the rule of law, to establish “a democratic regime and lively market economy.”

This, they said, Ukraine could help the West. Western countries should provide access to information about the offshore oligarchs, as well as to suspend financial aid to Kiev, which is now only strengthens the Ukrainian ruling class.

“Financial assistance may be resumed only when the power will come true reformers who create free from government oligarchs” - the authors emphasize.

15 June 2016

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