Moscow is ready to exchange Yaroshenko convicted in Russia of US citizens (US sentenced to 20 years in prison Russian pilot Konstantin Yaroshenko forbidden to buy food)

Moscow is considering various options for the return of Russian pilot Konstantin Yaroshenko, who is serving a 20-year sentence in an American prison, “Fort Dix.” First of all, we consider the possibility of exchange. At the disposal of “Izvestia” was a response to the Russian presidential administration to appeal the pilot mother Lyubov Yaroshenko. In it, in particular, it said that Moscow offered the US exchange convict a Russian version of several American citizens imprisoned in Russia.

“At the moment, these (people) 13, three of whom, including a US citizen Gennady Klotsman convicted in Russia in December 2011, for 10 years, had applied for a transfer to the United States on the basis of the Council of Europe Convention in 1983,” - he said herein.

At the same time, according to “Izvestia”, Washington informed of the intentions of Moscow, but the reaction of the American side still remained negative.

At the request of “News” in the US Department of State, US Department of Justice, and was received US Federal Bureau of Prisons response.

“Yaroshenko, according to Washington, not exchangeable. Victoria Nuland at a meeting in the Russian Foreign Ministry on May 18 just made it clear that he must sit as a warning to other Russians, falling into the hands of US law enforcement agencies to the example he had received for the intransigence of a huge life decline their confessions in exchange for mitigation of the sentence, “- said in a document referring to the reply received from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

The document also notes that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been active and persistent efforts for the early return of Yaroshenko home. Office finds “unacceptable nature of the arrest of a Russian citizen, and being subjected to the methods of physical and psychological effects.” According to the document, the Russian side put forward demands for the provision of necessary medical assistance and the prompt issuance of Yaroshenko.

However, the condition of the Russian pilot is getting worse every day. To aggravate the situation of the convicted person and another case of gross violation of the American leadership of basic human rights.

As told “Izvestia” Konstantin Yaroshenko himself July 12, the US authorities (in this case FBOP - The US Federal Bureau of Prisons) a month forbade him to buy products in the prison shop “Fort Dix.”

- Very strange motivation of the ban on the purchase of products was presented prison administration “Fort Dix,” in writing. It goes something like this: “In the barracks, where there are 350 prisoners (. Including Yaroshenko -” News “), to place public prison officers intoxicants were allegedly found.” In this regard, followed by a ban on the purchase of food in the prison shop for all prisoners are allowed to buy only hygiene products and medicines. According to the rules FBOP US, collective punishment is prohibited - this is another violation of regulations. I note that in prison “Fort Dix” seven barracks by 2.5 thousand. Man. Officers are regularly “Braga” and other banned substances and objects. But this is contrary to their own rules and laws of the penalty applied for the first time. Coincidence? I stopped believing in the absurd coincidence American. Moreover, according to international rules and conventions, deprivation of food falls within the phrase “use of torture by deprivation of food,” - said Konstantin Yaroshenko.

Earlier, the “News” reported that due to the three days of torture after being kidnapped in Liberia, the Russian pilot had lost most of teeth. Even in prison, he removed the rest. Now, Constantine could not eat solid food.

- Saves only prison shop with very meager assortment and overpriced. I bought oatmeal and canned in soybean oil cheap mackerel, - said Yaroshenko. - The prison canteen food is solid, it is to be ruminating, I physically can not do. And to take food from the dining room to soak it prohibited by the rules of the US Federal Bureau of Prisons. They are trying to starve me to hunger, making it impossible to purchase products.

As he told “Izvestia” the mother of the prisoner Love Yaroshenko pilot family hopes only on the Russian leadership.

- I am absolutely convinced that our president and the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry will make every effort to return my son back home. I also know that is not indifferent to our tragedy and the Human Rights Commissioner Tatiana Moskalkova. My son was killed in an American prison. All the international rules and standards have long been thrown back, and no one thought of them in the abduction of Bones. I ask the Russian authorities in any way bring back his son home, - said Lyubov Yaroshenko.

3 August 2016

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