(Another “color revolutions” stolen) Lithuanian secret service of the Belarusian opposition squandered the budget allocated by the U.S. Congress to overthrow the Lukashenko regime

Yesterday the Lithuanian Seimas Committee on Security and Defense demanded that President Valdas Adamkus to suspend from their duties the Director of State Security Department (VSD) of the country Arvydas Pocius. MPs demand associated with the investigation of the powerful security forces, whose leadership is suspected of financial uncleanliness. The scandal, which has also been implicated Lithuanian president, facing the high-profile revelations and resignation in the management of local security forces.

Members of the Committee on National Security and Defense of the Lithuanian Parliament yesterday to the president Valdas Adamkus with a demand to suspend from office the Director of the Department of State Security of the country Arvydas Pocius. The MPs insist that Mr. Pocius handed the case at the time of the parliamentary investigation of the influential Lithuanian secret services.

Message Deputies came after Tuesday Arvydas Pocius ordered to dismiss two senior officers VSD - chief of counterintelligence Vytautas Damulisa and his deputy Vilmantas Bieliauskas. Earlier, the press service of VSD, without naming names, reported that the department “conducted an internal investigation into the illegal transfer, disclosure of the Lithuanian and foreign citizens of secret intelligence,” and therefore “a few employees dismissed from their posts and will be tested on the polygraph — so-called “lie detector. Apparently, gentlemen Damulis and Bieliauskas were among the suspects in the leak.

According to the newspaper, Vytautas Pociunas either poisoned or stunned blow to the head and only then thrown out the window. Journalists Laisvas laikrastis found and possible motives behind the murder. According to the newspaper, Mr Pociunas on their own initiative and without consulting the leadership of VSD began to investigate the expenditure of 420 million dollars allegedly allocated by the U.S. Congress to overthrow the regime of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko.

8 January 2010 | congress, country, defense, department, director, mode, president, secret service, security

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