Medvedev: leakage WikiLeaks show the cynicism of American diplomacy

Leaked diplomatic information on the Internet “can cause damage to foreign relations.” This opinion was expressed by Russian President at the end of interstate consultations with Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

“They show the full measure of cynicism of those estimates and judgments that prevail in the foreign policy of certain states, I mean the United States,” - said Dmitry Medvedev.

“Another thing, when these judgments are public: they can cause damage to foreign relations, reflect the general spirit of relations” - said the head of state.

“But I do not see anything critical, especially because judgments, estimates vary, - said Medvedev. - If, God forbid, the media leaked to some estimates, which gives the Russian Foreign Ministry, the Russian special services, including our American partners, They have also received a lot of fun “- the president added.

This week WikiLeaks unveil the secrets of the U.S. State Department correspondence with their embassy, which then partially published several leading media outlets. Italian Foreign Ministry called the materials “on Sept. 11 in international diplomacy.”

3 December 2010

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