The Inquisitr: United States concerned about the possibility of nuclear submarines in Russia and China

In particular, the Vice-Admiral of the Navy United States Michael Connor believes that nuclear submarines of the Russian Federation and China[/t[t:tag slug=knr]China reach the technological level that allows them to strike at American military bases, writes The Inquisitr.

Navy United States is concerned about the development of nuclear-powered submarines of Russia and China, the technical possibilities which have risen significantly in the past few years, writes The Inquisitr.

The Inquisitr reminiscent of the successful launch of the Russian military from the nuclear submarine “Vladimir Monomakh” in the White Sea intercontinental ballistic missile “Bulava”, hit the target on the Kamchatka Peninsula, that is more than 5.5 thousand kilometers away from the trigger point, and also notes the existence of a program modernization of the Russian nuclear weapons in the years 2016-2025, which aims to create “means guaranteed nuclear deterrence.”

The threat that is potentially the Navy of Russia and China, said the American Vice Admiral Michael Connor. According to him, Russia continues to develop its nuclear capabilities, survived the collapse of the USSR. From this perspective, fear is Connor and China: the country has several nuclear submarines with ballistic missiles, “and continues to build them.”

Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) believes that China’s Navy is currently developing a possible strike on targets located at great distances from its territory. In addition, the commissioning of the nuclear-powered submarine, the submarine “Jin” marks “the first serious opportunity for China’s nuclear retaliation from the sea.”

Management believes that the intercontinental ballistic missile, launched from a new submarine PRC will be able to reach the shores of Hawaii, Alaska, and perhaps the western coast of the continental United States, writes The Inquisitr.

United States Navy is already trying to assess what the direction in which it is necessary to change the strategy, given this information, the newspaper notes.

22 September 2014

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