The IMF predicts the lifting of sanctions against Russia

IMF forecasts for Europe for 2015 include the assumption of folding and sanctions campaign “kontrsanktsy” in relations between Russia and the major economies.

RF, apparently, will continue to actively participate in the G20 presidency with Turkey in 2015, a factor of Ukraine will not block work with international institutions.

These are the main results of the concluded annual session of the IMF and the World Bank. Aside from offering to return to work and other ideas from these organizations for Russia not - IMF governance reform is postponed again, China is in a fund separate from the Russian game, “Kommersant”.

In Washington on Sunday ended the official part of the annual session of the IMF and the World Bank, which had also held a ministerial meeting of the financial authorities of the G20. The main result for Russia - its cooperation with the G20, IMF and World Bank because of bilateral foreign policy issues with the United States, the EU, Japan and Canada will not be minimized, but an initiative in which the Russian Federation has been interested in the past few years, it will now have to promote not Within these organizations, and their own.

The session was presented to the leadership of Russian Ministry of Finance (headed by the Minister Anton Siluanov) and CB (Elvira Elvira and her first deputy Ksenia Yudaeva). Contrary to expectations, Russia has neither confirmed nor denied the visit of President Vladimir Putin to the November G20 summit in Brisbane. However, Finance Minister Joe Hockey Australia has made it clear that as part of the “twenty” Russia is quite constructively participated in the discussion of politically colored for her issues, in particular the expansion of tools to support the IMF reforms in Ukraine. The session went well as consultations with the CBR and the National Bank of Ukraine. The IMF expects that the Russian-Ukrainian conflict (at the session it was called “geopolitical complexities”) will lead to an increase in the external debt of Ukraine to the “Greek” level - above 100% of GDP in 2015, and insists on requiring additional support to the profound economic reforms in the country.

With regard to Russia the IMF forecast for Europe repeated suggestions of the World Bank. With one important exception - analysts suggest the abolition of the right fund at least European sanctions against Russia and its food “kontrsanktsy” for 2015. In this rather ambiguous relationship projected GDP and other macroeconomic indicators of the EU and Russia. Paul Thomsen of the European Department of the Fund unexpectedly announced that the economy of the EU is recovering faster than you might expect - and more on a successful combination of market conditions and more rapid recovery of the financial sector than on the growth of domestic demand.

13 October 2014

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WASHINGTON, March 11. / Correspondent. Tass Shitov /. New anti-crisis program for Ukraine will be considered on Wednesday, the Board of Directors of the IMF.

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