System baggage screening at US airports saw no weapons and explosives

US Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson promised to reform the system of control of baggage at airports of the country after it proved ineffective in trials.
During testing of metal detectors in 95% of cases did not respond to pass through them imitations of explosives and weapons.
In one test, a fake bomb was attached to the back of intelligence officer.
According to television channel ABC News, tests were carried out in 70 US airports, and only three of them metal detectors reacted to prohibited articles.
According to Johnson, airport security personnel waiting for retraining and equipment for baggage screening will be further tested.

2 June 2015

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• "Bomb" in an airplane Air Berlin was a test hoax from the U.S. »»»
Alleged bomb discovered in loading baggage on passenger aircraft German airline Air Berlin, en route from Namibia to Germany, was a test hoax.
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U.S. citizen of Somali origin was arrested while trying to lead an explosive device in a car bomb in Portland (Oregon).
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In the USA, erupted a new scandal surrounding the so-called “body scanners.
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American authorities have tightened screening procedures at airports of the country.
• Ethiopian with mock bombs has raised alarm at the airport in Phoenix »»»
The passenger from Africa raised concerns at the Phoenix International Airport as she tried to smuggle into the cabin Fake Bomb.

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