US to Japan have thrown fighter-12 “stealth” F-22

US transferred its Yokota Air Force base on the territory of Tokyo 12 combat aircraft of the fifth generation of the F-22 Raptor. This was announced at a press conference in Tokyo, Japan’s defense minister Gen Nakatani.

According to him on January 20 at the base of profit, eight F-22 and the next day - four. On the Japanese side of the transfer in advance advises. It is believed that these combat aircraft, which are considered the best fighter in the US Air Force, came to the Far East as a measure of pressure on North Korea after it conducted 6 January, for the fourth nuclear test. Japan’s defense minister called the transfer of aircraft part “of bilateral cooperation in the field of security.” “The situation in North-East Asia escalates, showed that the new North Korean nuclear test - said Nakatani. - Japan’s need to restrain the power of the United States for security.” The F-22 - all-weather fighter with powerful features “invisible”, created primarily to gain air superiority. It is forbidden to sell even the closest US allies, including Japan, as in the development of this aircraft uses the latest technology secret.

22 January 2016

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