The head of the Chinese Foreign Ministry said China’s right to protect its territorial integrity in the South China Sea

China has indisputable sovereignty over a number of islands in the South China Sea, and the right to defense of its territorial integrity, Foreign Minister Wang Yi, China, being in Washington for a visit.

“Islands in the South China Sea are historically Chinese territory, China has the right to defend its territorial integrity and its legitimate maritime rights and interests.” - He said at a joint with the US Secretary of State John Kerry’s press conference.
The Chinese minister, at the same time, confirmed that Beijing is “committed to the settlement of disputes through dialogue and consultation.”
As observers have noted that during the negotiations the heads of the foreign affairs agencies of the two countries failed to reach a compromise on the disputed islands, although the issue was one of the priorities.

“The issue of the South China Sea should not be an issue between China and the US Secretary of State We are agreed that we should continue the dialogue in order to deepen our mutual understanding is particularly important to prevent misunderstanding..”, - He said Wang told reporters.
He noted that both China and the United States and ASEAN countries in favor of the demilitarization of the disputed islands.

“We hope that all parties will work together in the same direction - that is, with the understanding that the demilitarization is not the responsibility of only one of them”, - said Wang Yi

He added: “I would like to note that the overall situation in the South China Sea is stable in comparison with the situation in other parts of the world.”
“China and ASEAN countries have the capacity to maintain peace and stability in the South China Sea, which corresponds to our common interests. We would not like to see in the future any further action from the field of military intelligence, or sent to the South China Sea missile destroyers, strategic bombers, “- said the head of the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

On a number of islands in the South China Sea, in addition to China’s claim to a number of ASEAN countries. They expressed concern that the recent reports of China placed on one of these islands missile anti-aircraft complexes leads to the growth of military threats from China.
US for his part in the last and this year has sent its warships in the 12-mile zone of the disputed islands, which China considers its territorial waters, as well as carried out overflights of military aircraft over the islands, referring to the right under “freedom of navigation”.

24 February 2016

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