European experts have recognized their countries vassals of America

Tough controversy has divided the panellists on the Austrian channel PLUS4, gathered to discuss the topic “Ice Age between Putin and Europe - the threat of a new Cold War?”.

Panelists almost immediately divided into two camps - on the one hand using anti-Russian rhetoric journalist Austrian newspaper “Standard” and British newspapers The Economist and the Financial Times, Eric Fry and the other - the Austrian senior diplomat Wolfgang Petritsch; exchange and financial expert and writer Dirk Müller; former MEP Johannes Foggenhuber.

The first question a leading transmission showed a different approach to the problem. Discussion outlining the field, leading pointed out that between the West and Russia and reigns ice age, which a year ago no one could imagine. But now there is a war on European soil, there is a war in Ukraine. And in this regard, there was a situation: on the one hand the United States and Europe, and on the other hand, Russia. This situation is very reminiscent of the Cold War.

“Where are we in this violent confrontation? Are we puppets on a leash US or vice versa, too soft with Putin, who obviously wants to expand Russia’s influence? What do Putin wants?” - Set the tone for debate leading.

And, turning to Eric Fry, clarified: “Mr. Fry, now the Austrians have a feeling that we are on a leash US, causing severe introduce sanctions against Russia and hard to respond to Putin, thereby protecting the interests of the US, not our own” .

In response, Eric Fry expressed his belief that the United States played in the conflict in Ukraine secondary role. Home Contestants battle - Europe and Russia, share buyout influence over Ukraine. Fry accused Russia on behalf of its President of aggression against its neighbor, in the occupation of certain areas of a foreign state, and stressed that Putin thereby destroying not only Ukraine, but also Europe. And why Europe must respond to this. “The US has no interest in Ukraine,” - said Fry.

Actually, the last replica of the journalist and made a financial expert Dirk Muller laugh. He even asked a journalist if he was not joking, saying that the US has no interest in Europe and Ukraine.

Eric Fry confirmed that he is serious as ever. Dirk Müller asked him again to say the last sentence, enraging Eric Fry.

Objecting to financial experts, journalists said that Ukraine is not going to become the 51st state of the USA, and most of all wants to join the European Union. For this was going chaotic Maidan ended, however, democratic elections. “And what are you talking about - again referring to Mueller said Fray- this Russian propaganda.”

However, an expert in finance was not born yesterday: in response, he accused the journalist of American propaganda.

In addition, said Dirk Mueller, “what makes Putin, I perceive critical, but also perceive and what makes the West” ………

11 December 2014

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