Test head scout ship project 18280 “Ivan Khurs” intended to monitor the US missile defense system will begin in 2016

The new ship project 18280 “Ivan Khurs” will deal with communications, electronic warfare, radio and electronic reconnaissance, tracking components of the US missile defense and air defense missile systems, said the director of the department of state defense order of the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC), Anatoly helmets.

“The factory ship sea trials of the project 18280″ Ivan Khurs “in accordance with the construction schedule will be held in the III quarter of 2016. The ship is designed to provide communication and control of naval forces, conduct electronic warfare, radio and electronic reconnaissance, tracking components of the US missile defense system and SAM “- said helmets.

He added that the main feature of the ships of this project is the high level of automation systems and integration systems. Project 18280 ships also have considerable potential for further modernization, he said.

The developer of the project 18280 is a ship of “Central Design Bureau” Iceberg “(St. Petersburg). The construction of the ships of the project serves one of the largest shipbuilding companies of the group - Shipbuilding Plant” Severnaya Verf “.

The first head vessel of this project, “Yuri Ivanov” was transferred to the Russian Navy in December 2014, the act of transfer and acceptance was signed December 29, 2014.

The main features of Project 18280 ship communications are its versatility, high level of automation and systems integration. The project has significant potential for modernization.

The ship “Yuri Ivanov” Project 18280
Source: nevskii-bastion.ru/18280-sv-141127/ MTC “Nevsky Bastion” AVKarpenko

2 July 2015

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