US attack aircraft will be placed in Estonia

At least a portion of stormtroopers A-1, which the United States promised to send to Europe, will be placed at the air base in Estonia Amari.
“Destination is, tomorrow (Monday - IF) will land. This time journalists razvedanalitiku not embellished. What else do these big transport planes that whole week flew to Amari, if not brought here the equipment for the entire squadron. Logistics on the site , Hokie arrive tomorrow! ” - He said on Sunday evening to Facebook Air Force commander of Estonia Jaak Tarien, some of them will be placed at the air base Amari.
Last Friday, the United States reported that in Europe, will be available 12 A-10 attack aircraft, but the exact location of the did not call.
On Wednesday, the Amari airbase landed one of the biggest US transport aircraft C-5M Super Galaxy. This week in the Amari visited for the same purpose transport aircraft Boeing 747-400F.
As reported then the press service of the Ministry of Defence of Estonia, the aircraft delivered equipment and gear for in the airspace of the Estonian Air Force exercises in Estonia and the United States with 12 A10. The exercises will begin on Tuesday, September 22 and will last until 6 November.
During the exercise, the central range of the Defence Forces under the Tapa (Tapa) will be used for on-board training ammunition guns and bomb training.

21 September 2015

Media learned about the new action plan of the Pentagon against Russia
Reuters: Norway will buy 52 US F-35 aircraft, referring to the “Russian threat”

• The United States wants to deploy a brigade for operations near the border with Russia »»»
This decision means that the team division, helicopters and logistics specialists will be periodically placed in Europe for exercises to ensure safety.
• Military of Russia and the U.S. for the first time together will reach their actions in case of the hijacking by terrorists »»»
On the territory of Russia and the United States on Friday to start the active phase of the first Russian-American exercises in the interaction with the capture of terrorists civil aircraft.
• U.S. Ambassador to Estonia: If Russia attacks, we will help Estonia »»»
U.S. Ambassador to Estonia, Michael Polt said that in the event of an attack by Russia on Estonia United States of America will come to the aid of Estonia.
• Fighter U.S. Air Force F-15 C Eagle start to patrol Baltic airspace »»»
Four U.S. Air Force fighter jet F-15 C Eagle on Wednesday began patrolling Baltic airspace.
• Americans put their F-16 in Poland »»»
Warsaw will provide its air bases for U.S. Air Force, reported Agence France-Presse, citing the statement Polish Defense Minister Bogdan Klich.

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