The network has high-quality images of NASA astronauts on the Moon

More than 8.4 thousand photos in high resolution, obtained by US astronauts during missions to the Moon, laid out in a network. Photos are available on the page of the Project Apollo Archive at Flickr.

According to The Verge, the frames were made in the Hasselblad camera in the framework of NASA’s “Apollo”. It is noted that the pictures published Kipp Teague, who will collect them for 15 years.

The publication suggests that this file has to be supplemented because it does not contain photos of the seventh, eighth, ninth, 10th and 13th missions “Apollo.”

3 October 2015

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• The first discovery of a mysterious Chinese lunar rover: Moon is the wrong color, it was the Americans (The images transmitted "Jade hare", the surface of the moon for some reason appears brown rather than gray) »»»
Someone someone cheats Chinese lunar rover "Yuytu" - "Jade Hare" - was the first apparatus.
• New project of NASA: "avatars" on the Moon already in 1000 days »»»
Equipment and organization of the next mission to the moon with the team of astronauts is very complex, lengthy and expensive process.
• NASA held a photo of Mars at the request of the public »»»
NASA released the first eight pictures of Mars, made at the request public.
• Thousand sponsors supported the project of the American search of traces on the moon »»»
Thousand initiated by Russian sponsors support the enthusiasts microsatellite project development to continue taking American astronauts on the moon - has already collected more than 1.
• U.S. finally abandoned plans to return to the moon »»»
U.S. finally abandoned plans to return to the moon. This

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