Kerry said that in order to maintain security in the north of Syria need 30 thousand. Soldiers

To maintain the “security zone” in northern Syria may be required contingent of 15 to 30 thousand. Soldiers, US Secretary of State John Kerry said in a speech before the Senate.

“According to Pentagon estimates, to ensure that this security zone in the north, we have 15 to 30 thousand soldiers We are ready to agree to this we are ready to send them to the ground operation..?”, - Quotes his statement television channel ABC.

Despite the signing of ceasefire, transmits television channel ABC, in Washington there are talks about the so-called “Plan B” in Syria, which is in the conduct of military operations if the ceasefire is violated

25 February 2016

The head of the Chinese Foreign Ministry said China’s right to protect its territorial integrity in the South China Sea
Russia and the United States contributed to the UN Security Council draft resolution on Syria. The government and the Syrian opposition said they would abide by the truce

• Barack Obama's decision to place Special Forces in Syria did not support in the US Congress »»»
The decision by US President Barack Obama to send a small group of US military in Syria was seen critical by members of Congress from each party, says Defence News.
• Media learned about Washington's plans to deploy military forces in Syria »»»
The administration of US President Barack Obama is considering the establishment of no-fly zones and security zones in the border areas of Syria with the assistance of military forces.
• The Washington Post: US offered the Russian Federation to coordinate the fight in Syria with "Dzhebhat en-Nusra" and IG »»»
US offers Russia to Syria to coordinate action against banned terrorist groups in the Russian Federation "Dzhebhat en-Nusra" and "Islamic state" (IG).
• US offered new Russian in Syria truce monitoring system »»»
Agreement may be signed next week US offers Russia to organize in Syria a new clock system of monitoring compliance with the cessation of hostilities.
• DWN: US would not send troops to Syria, but will make its allies »»»
President Barack Obama believes too risky to send their troops to the conflict zone, but it is possible that for him this step will have to make allies, writes the German edition.

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