Russian “Barrier” to Syria. In the United States believe that the lost in this country because of their special forces there succumbed to Russian

The Americans, they feel understood, finally, why they have virtually nothing happened in Syria, and the Russian military today there triumphant look. Moscow decisive advantage brought soldiers and officers of the special units. This was recently wrote an influential newspaper “The Washington Post”.

Article by Thomas Gibbons-Neff is called: “How to determine the course of the Russian special forces of the Syrian war.” The journalist refers to the opinion of the American military expert, an employee of the Center of Naval Research Michael Kofman. This analyst believes that amazingly accurate airstrikes planes and helicopters Aerospace Forces - the result of not only the use of the crews of the new weapons and scopes. The main thing - jewelry work aircraft gunners, who were at the forefront or behind enemy lines. This is a risky operation, of course, requires special training. Therefore, in Syria it was entrusted to the Russian special forces.

Referring to Kofman, “The Washington Post” wrote: “Russian ground units - despite the hype around sending to the Russian air group - are the link that helps the Syrian army to fight and show a much higher combat capability In fact, it is difficult (without avianavodchikov-. Special Forces - “JV”) as to change the situation, with such a small number of airplanes - even though they made a large number of sorties. ”

According to the newspaper, involved in the fighting in Syria, to take “two major Russian-forces unit of special purpose -” Barrier “and Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces.” It is they, sure Coffman, “collect the main part of the intelligence and the identification of the most important objects in order to support terrorist operations carried out by the Russian air force and the Syrian army.”

Nothing like this has not in this country the United States Army. And so inevitably loses Russia in the efficiency of the air and space operations. This was frankly just six months ago, in October 2015, at a conference in Washington DC in the foreign policy of the analytical center of national interest (Center for the National Interest).

Only, as it turned out, while in the United States is naive to believe that the blows groups aerospace forces from an air base Hmeymim not manage our commandos, and the Syrians. Executive Director of the national interests of Paul Sanders so at the Washington conference and said: “There is no evidence that in Syria there is a Russian special forces, collecting data on the order to strike seems that the Russian Air Force to rely on information provided by Syrian forces. “.

Sanders, as time has shown, sadly mistaken. As it turned out, if the Pentagon, which is closely related to its center, “no evidence”, it does not mean that, and also no Russian special forces in Syria. Just such is the quality of the modern US intelligence, which in recent years demonstrates the failure after failure. Not only in the Middle East, but also in the Crimea two years ago. And in the Ukraine - consistently.

The conference in Washington and spoke about what are the main difficulties faced by the Americans in the Middle East when planning bomb and missile strikes without ground forces. The analysts cited experts 480 th Reconnaissance Wing United States Air Force base at Langley-Eustis in Hampton, Virginia. They complained that “in places such as Syria and Iraq is very difficult to distinguish militants from LIH * Kurdish fighter” Peshmerga “, and by a representative of the Union of Iraqi or Syrian militia. We need more information.”

In other regions, in such cases the US military come to the rescue of their embassy, ​​where you can obtain the necessary clarification. This was told by Colonel Tim Hough, commander of 480 th Reconnaissance Wing. Only the United States to Syria’s diplomatic presence today is very limited, lamented Colonel. “Now we have on the ground the captain of ground troops or marines, who could ask” - he complained.

In short, the US military intelligence in the war proved remarkably short-sighted. And when planning air strikes. And against ground targets. And in regard to the actions of the Russian special forces. But why do Americans actually “failed to notice” in Syria, its much more capable, as it turned out, the colleagues from Russia?

I think the matter of elementary underestimate the enemy. That is - the Russian military, which, in spite of the diplomatic rhetoric between Moscow and Washington, and in fact are today the main enemies of the Americans, not only in the Middle East. Now, after Syria, the Pentagon under the magnifying glasses studying the experience of the Russian special forces. There can be no doubt.

I must admit - it is difficult to study. After all, with regard to actions of the Russian special forces, surrounded by a deep mystery. World most likely would have remained in the dark, and who in fact suggests our combat aircraft objects terrorists in Syria, if not for the bitter loss of our special forces. It is known yet about the two dead - Hero of the Russian Senior Lieutenant Alexander Prokhorenko Fedor Zhuravlev and captain. Both were in the forefront of the most heroic air controllers.

Served in the Special Operations Center “Senezh” (Solnechnogorsk) 27-year-old native of the Bryansk region Zhuravlev died a heroic death in Syria November 19, 2015. That is, at a time when Washington felt that no signs of Russian special forces presence in the country is not. Officially, the circumstances of the death were disclosed Zhuravlev Only March 17, 2016. At the meeting of President Vladimir Putin with members of the Syrian operations and widows of those killed in the Kremlin.

Against this total, although, of course, justified secrecy, let’s estimate that open source aware of his special forces we have.

Almost anything - about the detachment of special purpose “Barrier.” Created in March 1998 as part of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service to conduct military operations abroad, as well as to ensure the security of our embassies and export of Russian citizens from the “hot spots”. Composition - about 300 people. Because the media is well known that the “Barrier” even before the events in Syria conducted the operations in Iran and Iraq.

From the press is aware of one, at least, the loss of the group. April 11, 2012 at Khovanskoye cemetery in Moscow held a funeral officer Foreign Intelligence Service Oleg Fedoseyev. In 2006 he, along with three members of the Russian embassy he was kidnapped by militants in Iraq. All the prisoners were brutally executed by terrorists. According to journalists, Fedoseyev served in the “Barrier” and engaged in ensuring the security of the Russian Federation embassy in Baghdad. Previously, he worked in Algeria, Albania and Lebanon.

Get plenty of data on the Russian Forces Special Operations (CCO). Talk about the need to combat this structure in the armed forces went a long time. But seriously take up the case had analyzed the not very happy for the results of our army fighting against Georgian troops in South Ossetia in August 2008.

Officially, the establishment of the Russian Special Operations Command forces was announced in March 2013 the Chief of Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, Army General Valery Gerasimov. He is directly subordinate to the new structure and. The basic organizational unit - the aforementioned Center for Special Operations “Senezh” Solnechnogorsk. Something like that has formed in the next Kubinka.

According to news agencies, April 29, 2013 in the mountains of Kabardino-Balkaria force MTR Russian Armed Forces for the first time held a special tactical exercises. MTR The first step, obviously, can be considered to ensure a bloodless referendum in the Crimea peninsula on the return of the Russian Federation.

We can assume that in addition to the air controllers in the Special Operations Center “Senezh” prepare and sniper teams. Anyway, in the foreign press appeared information that one such team successfully fight (or at war?) Against the terrorists in Syria.

By and large, open data of Russian MTR in this exhausted. What is the experience of the war in the Middle East very well. Work quietly when the Americans believe that they are not there. And it makes her our special forces to the conscience. And this is the main point.

* “Islamic state” by the decision of the Supreme Court on December 29, 2014 was recognized as a terrorist organization, its activities in the territory of Russia is prohibited.

7 May 2016

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