The New York Times: Browder did not achieve the abolition of the screening of Magnitsky in Moscow

British financier William Browder and Magnitsky’s widow could not achieve the abolition of the show in the US capital of the documentary film-investigation by Russian director Andrei Nekrasov “Magnitsky Act. Behind the scenes.” This was said Thursday in its electronic version of the newspaper The New York Times.

According to her, tape the show will take place on June 13 in a small film industry museum Newseum in Washington. His spokesman Scott Williams confirmed the publication that Browder and Magnitsky, Natalia sent him a letter with a demand to cancel the event. They refused.

“We stand for freedom of speech and freedom of expression” - said Williams, adding that the Newseum is not a sponsor of the show, but simply provides a cinema room for rent. “We will not allow them to skip the movie We are often approached by people who need room for events, which is opposed by other people.” - He added.

As previously noted Nekrasov, tape begins “as a story about the corruption conspiracy Russian policemen who killed the hero and a fighter against corruption Magnitsky, quickly turned into a real-time investigation of conflicting versions of the case.” While working on a picture of the director came to the conclusion that Magnitsky was killed, and, “in fact, he did not conduct an investigation against Russian police officers and not to bring charges against them.”

Premiere tape was to be held in late April in the European Parliament, but 10 minutes before the start was canceled. Event organizer MEP Heidi Hautala has named the cause of the incident pressure from Browder, personally arrived for talks with members of parliament. Subsequently, the show was canceled the Franco-German TV channel ARTE and the ZDF German, which, according to Nekrasov, Browder’s lawyers also threatened multimillion claims for alleged falsification of facts in the film.

“The act of the rule of law and accountability of the Sergei Magnitsky” was adopted by the US Congress and signed by President Barack Obama in December 2012. The document provides for the application of the sanctions measures against a number of Russian officials.

July 11, 2013 the head of fund Hermitage Capital, William Browder in absentia recognized Tver Court of Moscow convicted of tax evasion in especially large amounts (522 mln.), was sentenced to nine years’ imprisonment and two years deprivation of the right to engage in entrepreneurial activities. Subsequently, he was declared an international arrest warrant.

Magnitsky Death

The auditor of the British fund “Hermitage Capital” Sergei Magnitsky died at the age of 37 years in intensive care hospital jail “Sailor’s Silence”. It was November 16, 2009 after 11 months of detention, and 7 days after he was charged with financial crimes. Prior to transfer to the hospital, Magnitsky was kept in Butyrskaya.

10 June 2016

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