“The last hope of Earth” Clinton said of US exceptionalism

During his speech in Ohio candidate for US president from the Democrats, Hillary Clinton said that the US is “exceptional” and the country “indispensable”, despite the fact that it can be frustrating to other countries.

“The US - an exceptional nation, I believe that we, in the words of Lincoln, is still” the last and best hope of Earth “, we are still” shining city on a hill “, as the (President) Reagan and still” great, not selfish, sympathetic country, “Robert Kennedy”, - quotes RIA Novosti Clinton.

According to her, “the United States are also indispensable nation” and thus have a much more reliable and numerous partners than Russia and China.

She noted that other countries “can be, do not want to hear this, but it does not mean that it is not so.”

Earlier, the exclusivity of the United States President Barack Obama said.

“When a typhoon hits the Philippines, Nigeria kidnapped girls, and in Ukraine, masked men occupy the building, the world looks to America and waiting for her help My conclusion is as follows:. On the world stage, America must always lead all of a If we do not take on. this role, then it will take someone else “, - he claimed Obama during his address to the graduates of the military academy at West Point in May, 2014.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has called such statements “incorrect attitude”.

1 September 2016

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