In macaques group “authoritative” males closely following the order and quickly stop a fight between members of the community

American primatologist Jessica Flack found that macaques in the family play a key role … the police. This group of “authoritative” males, who are closely watching the procedure, and most importantly to quickly stop a fight between members of the group.

It is isolated “security forces” from the group. And then it began … Dramatically increased aggressiveness, become less effective after a conciliatory ritual fights. A further events at all surprised scientists. Macaques have become less social. They come into less contact, less make friends, do not actively participate in the games. That is solidarity only recently a large and close-knit group has weakened, it began to break up into small, that almost no contact with each other. Conclusion Jessica Flack: the police plays a key role, that there be a large group, where a lot of friendly contacts.

Nearly 10 years living among the birds Manakin American ornithologist David McDonald. He was interested in a colorful night show where males compete for females love. For watching the spectacle of 20 males, but only from a distance. And next to the chosen ones are only two, and they are entitled to give an idea, to sing and dance for the females. But why are these two? MacDonald made the unexpected discovery that blowing stands out from the rest males as receiving “social recognition”. They have more than the rest of the male contacts with relatives. Relatively speaking, they are waging a successful campaign, the largest number of legs shaking their “voters.” Is this populism is nothing like?

But, of course, champions of socialization - a dolphin. The scientists watched the dolphins helping Brazilian fishermen to catch fish. People threw network, and the animals were driven to them under water shoals of fish. And at the right moment they hit the tail on the water, which is a signal for the partner as he needs to adjust their actions. Of course, animals are not altruists. This blow both participants caught more fish than either alone.

But the scientists went further. They tried to find out if all the dolphins as contact or only some individuals. It turned out that it depends on the particular group. There are communities where social ties are very strong in her Dolphins are almost in constant contact. Such extroverts actively go to the contact with the people involved in the joint fishing. Other animals - social introverts. Although they spend a lot of time together, but not so tight as the first group of dolphins. In short, the study of the fauna shows that animals are programmed by nature at all creatures living only instincts. They are much more complex, and are capable of learning complex social behavior.

11 November 2015

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