US offered new Russian in Syria truce monitoring system

Agreement may be signed next week
US offers Russia to organize in Syria a new clock system of monitoring compliance with the cessation of hostilities, said US Secretary of State John Kerry, as quoted by The New York Times

The newspaper published an article on the editorial board meeting with US Secretary of State, in which the journalists asked him a few questions about the situation in Syria.

“We have proposed to draw the line, absolute hell - you do not go there, we do not go here, and all that lies between is fair game,” - said Kerry.

“I think they (the Russian side - IF) will weigh it, and we can do this somewhere in the next week”, - said Kerry.

At present, the observance of the cessation of hostilities in Syria follow the two centers - the Russian-based Hmeymim and US - Oman (Jordan). In these centers receives all information about violations of the cessation of hostilities.

He also said that the United States accept that the aim of Russian attacks in Aleppo region may be Al-Nusra fighters, but not fully believe in the sincerity of Russian intentions in Syria.

“Kerry said that Russian may move in the direction of Aleppo, because members of the Al-Nusra Front, linked to Al-Qaeda, are scattered through the area without being parties to the ceasefire agreement,” - the newspaper said.

At the same time, the article said referring to US Secretary of State, “the area is home to the rebels, who oppose Assad and are parties to the ceasefire agreement.” At the same time, Secretary of State acknowledged that separate the terrorists from the opposition hard. “Divide them turned out to be more complicated than we thought,” - US Secretary of State said.

Responding to a question about whether Russia inflicted during the recent military campaign against terrorists, or whether its purpose was to support Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Kerry said, “We still do not understand how they are sincere.”

As the newspaper notes, the Secretary of State “was not sure that the Russian President Vladimir Putin was sincere in his stated goal - the fight against terrorism.”

“We will not sit back and watch how he does it, supporting the regime, and has the opposition, arguing that” it works, “Of course, we are not so stupid.” - Kerry said.

“We do not believe a word we directly asked to demonstrate how serious they are and if their intentions are not serious, it will be very, very hard to maintain the ceasefire..” - Kerry said. However, he refused to discuss the question of what alternatives considering the US administration.

25 April 2016

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