The American army has lost in Afghanistan equipment to 420 million dollars. Only in 2013 the number of lost objects is 156 thousand

An internal investigation conducted in the ranks of the US forces in Afghanistan in anticipation of its withdrawal from the country, showed a huge loss of equipment, weapons and vehicles, British newspaper The Telegraph.

The number of objects lost for 2013 is 156 thousand. Thus accountants and other persons responsible for the monitoring and inventory, manage to until recently did not notice. Inspector, generate reports, said that military officials are extremely slow to respond to inquiries and provide information on this issue.

It is unknown, appeared whether the missing equipment in the hands of the enemy, but the identified losses substantially increase the amount, which will manage the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, completing a 13-year stay of the US military presence in the country, according to current estimates, it will cost US taxpayers $ 7 billion.

The text notes that the support team responsible for the export of military equipment from Afghanistan, not informed in time about the missing objects even after studying the documents of property losses for 2013. For this reason, “there is a high risk that the property can not be returned.” Also the author of the report said that so far no one has been prosecuted for the loss. He concludes that the US Army needs more qualified officers to exercise control over the military property - both at headquarters and in the field.

Today in Afghanistan 35 military bases (in 2012 there were 850), the number of troops by the end of the year will be reduced to 9.8 thousand. On the background of optimistic statements of the new NATO Secretary General on the successful completion of the mission of the alliance on Afghan soil International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan (ISAF ) data secretive about their work, including information on the capacity of the Afghan army and police.

6 November 2014

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