The White House urged the US Senate will pass a law on mass surveillance

The representatives of the security services have warned that if the law is not extended, the actual security for the citizens of the United States to begin a game of “Russian roulette” with malopredskazuemy finale.

WASHINGTON, June 1 - RIA Novosti. The White House called the Senate as soon as possible to re-examine and adopt a law that would allow US intelligence agencies to resume massive collection of data on citizens in order to prevent terrorist acts.
The so-called Patriot Act ends with the onset of June 1st and Sunday the Senate, which met specially to vote for or against the document, was not able to make decisions and postponed the vote indefinitely long period of time. It is expected that a new trial could be held on a Tuesday or Wednesday.

“The Senate took an important, albeit belated step forward today. We urge the Senate to make the irresponsible period (inactivity of the law) as small as possible. In conditions critical for national security, individual senators should put aside their party interests and act quickly, “- said in a White House statement.
The US administration was reminded that earlier document supported the Republicans and the Democrats in the House, which agreed that it “allows our intelligence and law enforcement agencies to keep key tools, strengthening the protection of civil liberties.”

1 June 2015

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