Donbass as the gravedigger of the Bretton Woods

Donbass. Today there was a situation in which the world’s geopolitical players are deadlocked. The question is, how to be and how to be a Ukrainian Donbass today in one sitting can not be solved. It’s like two wrestlers, hugging each other in battle. Overcome no one can get away from the carpet as possible without losing face. Russia and China are gradually moving away from the dollar, creating new centers of power, the US sow chaos and war to prevent it. Ukraine and Donbass steel chessboard big geopolitics.

13 August 2015

IG Hackers hacked database of the US military
The United States asked European arrest of the assets of Vimpelcom and MTS for $ 1 billion

• US Expert: Ukraine has no resources to return the Donbass »»»
Professor Edward Walker of the US believes that rely on
• OpEdNews: From Ukraine begins sunset era of American dominance »»»
Ukrainian crisis - a turning point in the geopolitical balance of the military, said independent commentator Michael Payne.
• Ukraine will not be successful in having the enemies of Russia - sovietologist Matlock (Jack Matlock, the last U.S. ambassador to the USSR) »»»
The expressed intent of establishing a partnership in all spheres between Ukraine and Russia.
• Washington happen to sweep the Ukrainian elite to Poroshenko »»»
The last two weeks have passed in the Ukraine under the sign of stripping Americans of all those elements that do not fit into their scheme of further conflict with Russia.
• The US Congress has included in the budget of offensive weapons for Kiev »»»
The US Congress has included in the draft military budget amendment, providing for the supply to Ukraine of lethal weapons, the newspaper New York Times.

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