Obama began to cry, announcing tightening control over arms sales to the US

US President Barack Obama issued a statement on the emotional introduction to the country of new measures to tighten controls on the sale of firearms.

These measures include a more thorough background check of each buyer of weapons, including the possible presence of his crime, mental illness and addiction to domestic violence.
In addition, each seller of weapons in the US now must necessarily have a federal license.

Currently, many sellers on the Internet and at trade shows sell firearms without a license.

To conduct background checks of potential buyers FBI staff increase by more than 230 people.
President Obama has introduced new measures to its own decree, bypassing the opposition Congress.

Laws on notification of lost or stolen weapons and tougher.

The number of murders involving firearms in the United States is much higher than in other developed countries - about 30 thousand per year.

The right to bear arms is guaranteed by the free citizens of the United States the second amendment to the Constitution.

6 January 2016

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