US begins to export liquefied natural gas. The main buyers - Japan, South Korea and Europe

United States following the lifting of the embargo on the sale of oil and started to export liquefied natural gas (LNG). The first tanker with fuel will leave Tuesday from Louisiana, and the buyer will be the British BG Group, reports Financial Times.
Tanker Energy Atlantic waiting in the terminal Sabine Pass, owned by the company Cheniere Energy.

Currently the largest suppliers of LNG in the world are Qatar and Australia, which the United States can make a serious competition by the end of the decade. Under the threat may be even plans for other exporters to build terminals on the east coast of Africa, on the west coast of Canada and Russia.

The main buyers of US LNG is expected to become Japan, South Korea and Europe. At the same time a few years ago, the export of LNG seemed more commercially attractive than it is now - amid falling gas prices, which are often linked to oil prices.

11 January 2016

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• The first country in Europe in which to put the American gas is Lithuania. Deliveries are scheduled for February 2016 through the terminal "Independence", running from January 2015 in Klaipeda »»»
Negotiations on the first shipments from the US are continuing, despite the fact that the Lithuanian Lietuvos Energija asks US to sell gas at a price lower than in Russia.
• Lithuania suddenly discovered that the American gas it does not fit »»»
Lithuania has postponed the purchase of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to the United States.
• Russia and China can bury the export of LNG from the US »»»
Russia and China signed two major gas deal in the
• Japan is able to bring down dollar »»»
A week ago, Vladimir Putin gave the order to increase exports to Japan from Sakhalin liquefied natural gas: for compensation enerogopoter from idle nuclear power stations.
• US may start gas supplies to Europe until 2020 »»»
US Senator John McCain said the United States can begin to supply natural gas to Europe until 2020 to balance energy exports from Russia.

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