It turns out that smoking is not harmful

The court in the United States found that the statistics on the dangers of smoking composed commissioned by pharmaceutical companies.
Court of the Capital District of Columbia, the US decided to remove from the list of materials distributed Food & amp; Drug Administration (Office also deals with tobacco), several reports of the US Ministry of Health about the dangers of smoking for smokers and others, and to exclude from the FDA advisers three experts involved in drawing up these documents.

Why is that? Because these experts as the Court’s being supported by pharmaceutical companies Glaxo and Pfizer, which receive direct monetary benefit from the fact that people quit smoking, for example, produce drugs, allegedly helping to quit. (These companies - active contributors of funds for the fight against smoking worldwide through foundations and other channels, we would add, and recall that the sale of drugs, particularly non-prescription - a multibillion-dollar business, at times more tobacco).
And what kind of reports? One, of 1998, a nicotine addiction. Ever heard that nicotine is more addictive heroin (although obvious facts tell a different story), and that all smokers - drug addicts? Here. No more of that report.

Now - who are these three experts. Let’s names in English: Jonathan Samet, Neal Benowitz and Jack Henningfield. These and a few other characters, is about 30 years received grants, bonuses and other money from the two corporations directly and materially concerned to restrict smoking in the fact that people believe, for example, to the detriment of passive smoking, the other a nightmare, others were forced to “seek medical advice to quit smoking.”

And so the judge called Richard Leon … What’s his decision means it - evidence that the campaign against smoking (in its American version) was launched and financed, in a completely selfish ends, the American medical lobby. What - at least outside of Russia - no not a secret, at least take a look at the list of those who finance anti-smoking campaign, with worldwide sales of products because these companies also global. On the same site information on what research on the dangers of smoking, they have sponsored. By the way, these - not included in the “Washington verdict” - studies and reports: these now as a treat?

16 June 2015

“The regime that reigned in Ukraine after the coup, largely relied on Nazi storm troopers, whose task was to unleash a bloody war against the ethnic Russian” - Robert Perry
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Despite all the measures the U.S. government, smoking among American youth has reached epidemic proportions.
• Smoking employees cost 18% more expensive than non-smokers. U.S. companies have begun to force smokers to pay the difference out of pocket »»»
Smoking employee costs the company 18% more expensive than non-smokers, according to Bloomberg Businessweek referring to the consultant company Aon Hewitt.
• Quitting smoking can lead to the development of diabetes »»»
People who have recently quit smoking, increasing the likelihood of developing diabetes type 2, read the results of a study conducted in medical school at Johns Hopkins University.
• The widow of a smoker suing tobacco companies Philip Morris and RJ Reynolds - $ 26 million »»»
Tobacco companies Philip Morris and RJ Reynolds will pay compensation for damages and fines in favor of the widow of a smoker.
• Tabachnik U.S. is trying to avoid billions of dollars of fines »»»
Lawyers of the largest U.S. tobacco companies in a secret meeting with the Deputy Minister of Justice, U.

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