Chinese hackers have read personal letters of US officials in 2010

Since 2010, Chinese hackers had access to personal e-mail of senior officials from the administration of US President Barack Obama. This was reported by NBC News citing secret documents.

According to the report, the National Security Agency (NSA) in 2014, which is at the disposal of the TV channel, the work of a spy program, code-named Dancing Panda (”Dancing Panda”, later - Legion Amethyst, “Legion Amethyst”) began at least in April 2010. It is noted that the surveillance continues to this day.

The purpose of the spies was the correspondence that led to the non-working electronic boxes of high-ranking officials of the security and trade departments of the USA. Positions and names of victims from the actions of hackers are not called. This was not touched by hackers working email accounts, since they are more reserved.

Report Dancing Panda is dated 2014 year. It turned out that this project was one of 30 programs in China for spying for the United States discovered the NSA. According to documents in the framework of the Chinese hackers were able to hold 600 successful cyberattacks.

Earlier, in 2013, NBC News reported that during the 2008 presidential race was the aim kibershpionov correspondence rivals Obama and John McCain. As reported, the attackers managed to get access to some e-mails, including those they were able to read the correspondence of Senator McCain.

Previously, the NSA has been repeatedly convicted of cyber espionage. WikiLeaks published a selection of top-secret documents of the agency relating to the interception of communications of high-ranking French President Jacques Chirac, former (1995-2007) and Nicolas Sarkozy (2007-2012) and current President Francois Hollande. Also, surveillance carried out by officials of the Elysee Palace, the ministers and the French ambassador to the United States. US Secretary of State John Kerry has called a general practice surveillance of other countries, commenting on the data on the representatives of spying for Germany, China, Iraq and the European Union.

11 August 2015

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