Scientists are “entangled” two cats together Schrödinger

Physicists from the United States and France have implemented in practice the status of “entangled” “Schrodinger’s Cat” by combining two common among themselves. The researchers believe that their device could become the basis for building a new type of quantum computers. The work is published in the journal Science.

The thought experiment with a cat, invented by Erwin Schrödinger, has long been the subject of numerous experiments on the study of quantum superposition. even a special term was introduced - “Schrödinger cat state”. They, in particular, called coherent superposition of single-mode states of the quantum harmonic oscillator. Such a system in practice is, for example, a photon, “locked” in the optical resonator. The experiments were conducted for both optical photon energy range and microwave, and their number could reach a hundred.

Such quantum systems can be used in quantum information science and serve as a basis for building a quantum computer. One obstacle to this is currently scalability - to build a fairly complex computer system, you need some way to increase the number of its elements, while maintaining connectivity between them (or coherence).

There are two main ways, both on the basis of the “Schrödinger cat states” to implement a complex computer system. The first of these scientists increase the number of modes (waves of a certain wavelength) in the cavity in the second - the number of photons of one energy.

In the new study, the authors have combined the two approaches and created a system of two optical resonators with different modes (scientists call them Alice and Bob), each of which “eliminates” the photons of a particular wavelength, and “entangled” photons of the two resonators together. The authors say that this new “cat” can be represented as two ordinary, but “entangled” with each other. It combines state in cavities artificial atom - superconducting Josephson junction device. This object has a tiered structure of energy as in ordinary atoms, for which he was given this name.

Schematic image screen device (A) and a projection (B), which cavity resonators are indicated Alice and Bob, and the artificial atom resonator reader.

The scientists used three possible transition from level to level in the artificial atom to link the resonators Alice, Bob, and the reader, who also is an optical resonator. To prove the “confusion” of photons in the resonator, the scientists measured the parity of the number of photons in each of the resonators. According to the theory, if the “confusion” is stored, the parity of the total number of photons in the two resonators must be retained, while in each separately, it can take any value. The authors were able to show that such behavior is really implemented in their device. According to scientists, the device architecture can be used in quantum information science and creation mnogokubitnyh systems.

“Schrödinger’s cat” - a thought experiment devised by Erwin Schrödinger in order to demonstrate the incompleteness of quantum mechanics with respect to the macro lens. The essence of the experiment is as follows: in a sealed capsule placed a cat and a Geiger counter. The meter is a small amount of a radioactive substance and a device that splits a vial of hydrocyanic acid, if the counter is triggered. Hence, if the counter is activated, the cat dies. But no one has yet looked into the camera (in terms of quantum mechanics - has made the “measure”) is unknown, whether collapsed during this time any atom, that is, whether the cat is alive or dead.

In terms of quantum mechanics, it was in the superposition of these two states. But macroscopic creature can not be both alive and dead. At the same time, the cat lives directly linked to the collapse of the atom, which is a quantum object and to monitoring should be in a superposition of both states. This reasoning allows us to show how difficult it is to perform an experiment that would divide the two points of view - whether object to the measurement in a superposition of states, or in any particular.

30 May 2016

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