Bacteria on the boundary. Why the United States is surrounded by a network of Russian centers for the development of biological weapons

Among all types of weapons of mass destruction developed by mankind in the last 100 years, one of the most high-tech and yet the least known to the public is a biological weapon. If on the consequences of the use of nuclear weapons reminiscent of the sad examples of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, as well as hundreds of atmospheric, underwater and underground nuclear explosions, the biological weapons began to develop and improve in the second half of the twentieth century in the wake of the heyday of biological sciences, the progress of genetics and bioengineering as a whole. The most active in terms of the development of this type of weapons the United States of America, that place secret biological laboratory near the Russian border, and in the framework of the work carried out by the Department of Defense line. Life versed than the US military engaged in Biotechnology in Georgia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, and is it really so harmless all these “Centers for Disease Control.”


Bacteria on the border

The Russian side has already been quite a long time the United States has expressed its concern about the work of the US authorities to establish biological laboratories around the perimeter of our borders.

The last time its interest subject to the provisions of the United States Keto - the Convention on the Prohibition of Biological and Toxin Weapons - The Russian Foreign Ministry has expressed to the Americans. Representatives of the Foreign Ministry on March 30 this year, was sent to the US State Department e memorandum which raised a number of issues related to the use of American biological laboratories on Russia’s borders.

Russian diplomats have noted in the memorandum that the US administration, along with Russia being one of the depositories Keto contract, tore the 2001 signing of the Additional Protocol to the Convention and for the past 15 years, “continues to adhere to this unconstructive line.” Russian fears related to the following factors:

Firstly, Russia raises before the American side questions about the activities of the Centre named Lugar near Tbilisi, the work of which will be discussed below. Russian Foreign Ministry points out that “any objective information on the activities of the military unit is not in the materials submitted in the framework of confidence-building measures from both the United States and Georgia.”

Second, no less a matter of Russia and work on the creation of a laboratory in the Alma-Ata, with Russian diplomats in a note to the State Department directly say that “we have every reason to believe that after putting it into operation the US side and there be deployed in a military contingent of the research for the benefit of the US Department of defense. This will lead to destabilization of the situation in the Central Asian region. ” The Russian Foreign Ministry in this regard, called on the US to abandon the obscure, opaque and suspicious in all respects steps to create biological laboratories of the US Ministry of Defense line in close proximity to Russian borders.

Also noteworthy and important legal aspect of the US effort to “bacteriological front” - in the Russian memorandum provides specific reference to the applicable laws of the United States, according to which the State reserves the right to conduct bacteriological warfare.

The fact that the text of the Convention does not explicitly included in the ban on the use of bacteriological and toxin weapons in war. Such a ban comes after the accession to the Additional Protocol to the Geneva Conventions of 1925. The Russian side at the same time points out that the United States continues to maintain a so-called reservation with regard to the “right” response to the use of chemical agents, made upon accession to the Geneva Protocol in 1975. It is worth noting that Russia, for example, the Soviet Union removed the clause from the 1928 back in 2001, while the US government has not taken any practical steps for the transfer of this issue in Congress, in fact leaving behind a “right” to conduct bacteriological and toxin war, according to the Aide Memoire of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Moreover, in the field manuals of all kinds of armed forces of the USA contains a provision on the use of chemical and bacteriological warfare agents, such as eg pepper mixture of oleoresin capsicum, which, according to the Russian Foreign Ministry, in direct contradiction not only with the provisions of Keto, but Convention on the Prohibition of chemical weapons. We must also point to the fact that the Russian side noted the provisions of section 817 “Patriot Act”, according to which for the possession and use of bacteriological agents, forbidden sections I and II Keto, no liability arises, if such actions are sanctioned by the United States Administration. And it creates a direct prerequisite for conducting offensive biological warfare, it is believed the Russian Foreign Ministry.

US diplomats in his reply (available to Life), delivered through diplomatic channels, in every way trying to distance itself from any violations of the above was the Convention, but the reality and practice suggests otherwise. In reply, the memorandum of the Department of State directly admits that, since 1998, been actively involved in the organization of biological laboratories throughout the former Soviet Union and, in particular, in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Armenia “in order to help ensure safety and security of existing dangerous pathogens. ”

The most famous object, the erection of which more than $ 450 million has been spent of the US budget is Health Center named Richard Lugar, located near Tbilisi. At its base is the US Department of Medical Research Land Forces (UMISVG / USAAMRD-G), which is directly accountable to the Pentagon military unit involved, according to public information, research to ensure the health of American troops in their locations.

Fighting against diseases or secret war?

It should be noted that not only the center of Lugar near Tbilisi, but also other biological laboratories in the former Soviet Union were established on the basis of existing bacteriological laboratory More Soviet times, which, for all the wretchedness of their material and technical base at the time of Americans have had the most valuable resource - collection endemic to the country or territory of the virus, is a virus strains isolated from natural sources. Such “natural” natural strains of viruses are, according to experts, much more dangerous than all created genetically modified samples in vitro. And in this regard, looks rather suspicious activity from two facts Lugar Center.

Firstly, according to the media reports, endemic strains from the collection of the Tbilisi center have been transferred to the Americans, including the most dangerous pathogens such as anthrax.

And secondly, the competent experts noted the frequency of extremely suspicious outbreaks of African swine fever in Russian regions adjacent to the Caucasus. Gennady Onishchenko, who led at the time by Rospotrebnadzor, openly acknowledged the fact that the mass epidemic of swine fever that has infected livestock in the South of Russia, can be the result of biological laboratories Lugar Center.

It should be noted that in its memorandum, US diplomats acknowledge that the Office for Medical Research of the US Army on the basis of Lugar Center conducted the development of vaccines, and therefore, there is a complete cycle necessary for the production of virus fighting equipment and the collection of strains. At the same time, speaking about the control mechanisms, the United States indicate as a supervisory body of the Governing Council of the Research Institute of Land Forces to them. Walter Reed, that is, in fact all the same structure of the US Defense Department.

Meanwhile, the only ship of the US military operation is not limited to biologists. For example, in Kazakhstan, in spite of the public outcry, the construction of the Central Reference Laboratory at the Kazakh Scientific Center for Quarantine and Zoonotic Diseases. Moreover, there is information also about the fact that there is one more of the same object, much less known and thus belonging to the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan, in which not only determined by the biomaterial toxicity, which is typical for the specifics of the reference laboratory, but there Bank breeding of dangerous pathogens, once again endemic to the territory of Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

In this regard, it should be noted quite a remarkable fact: in Kazakhstan since Soviet times carried out the development of biological weapons, which was isolated even an entire island in the Aral Sea now disappeared with a rather telling name Barsakelmes ( “you will go - will not return”). The island became famous after the publication in the West of the book exiled Kazakh microbiologist Ken Alibek, according to which the tests were conducted on the island of biological weapons. On it after the Union were buried biological materials, and it is in process of shallowing of the Aral Sea has become first in the peninsula, and then just in the steppe tract. As Alibek wrote on Barsakelmes tested martial strains of the plague, typhoid, anthrax and foot and mouth disease. In this regard, the interest of the US military microbiologists to Kazakhstan does not seem quite so harmless.

US Ambassador to Russia, and “anti-plague laboratory”

There are the US interests in the field of biology and fighting in Ukraine, where erected or already operates a number of facilities increased biohazard, built on the money of the same US Department of Defense. The most famous of its kind is a bacteriological laboratory near the town of Merefa in the Kharkiv region, which was deployed on the basis of the Institute of Sericulture. Construction of the facility began in 2013 and was accompanied by criticism from the local community, with neither the local authorities nor the responsible US structures have not been able to explain the purpose of biological laboratories in Marefe finished with generalities about “for Disease Control and pathogens.”

And this despite the fact that, according to media reports, Ukraine already operates about 11 regional laboratories, built on money the US government as part of the Pentagon’s programs. There is also the American “anti-plague laboratory” and Odessa, with opened it six years ago, then-US ambassador to Ukraine and now in Russia, John Tefft and objectives it stated the study of dangerous pathogens and viruses as tularemia, anthrax, Queensland fever.

It is necessary to escape from the concrete examples of the expansion by the United States of its bacteriological infrastructure on the territory of the former Soviet Union and note the total is constantly increasing the US government’s interest in research in the field of pathogens to which the United States allocated substantial funds: the US government portal disclosure featured 234 lots, containing information about expenses US government for US $ 85 million (5.3 billion rubles) on contracts and grants on the subject of the study of pathogens and viruses. The US Department of Defense ordered a particularly mathematical study the growth and spread of bacteria in various environments.

In this regard, it suggests certain reflections and flare deadly virus MERS - Middle East respiratory coronavirus, which resulted in the deaths of the order of 36 people. The fact that the MERS virus has long been known as one of the martial bacteriological agents at the disposal of the special units of the US Army.

Given the fact that abroad, and has branched out military infrastructure created over the years, can not be ruled out that the US military microbiologists accidentally or deliberately staged leak coronavirus in human population in order to test the “work” in South Korea is one of the largest contingents of US troops virus in humans.

Strange coincidence

A former member of the UN Biological Weapons Commission in Iraq and Libya, a military expert Igor Nikulin says nonrandom occurrence in Russia different kinds of pandemics in the animal environment:

- That would be fine if it were not engaged in the US military virologists - suggests certain suspicions. In the same Georgia hit the Russia African swine fever, which caused damage, according to various estimates, billions of dollars. On the territory of Georgia and Ukraine get different diseases, including SARS. It is an essential instrument of pressure on the part of States. I do not rule out the version that the advent of the militias in the New Russia was halted under direct threat that biological weapons will be used against Russia. Of course, the US will deny the breach of the Convention on the prohibition of biological and toxin weapons, as alleged, they simply do research. But why do they do it on the territory of the republics next to us? It leads to the suspicion that there they are developing biological weapons. This contradicts Keto - said the expert.

The professor, a political analyst on international affairs Sergei Chernyakhovsky indicates that in the United States extends a long train of non-compliance with its obligations in international treaties, and in particular Keto.

- By itself, the Convention prohibits the testing and use of this type of weapon: a chemical banned in the same way and biological. US will never comply with their obligations. When Americans squeezed with the then Indian reclaimed areas, in most cases they are not defeated in the fighting, and poisoned wells, burned the prairie. Similarly, they acted and Vietnam. The overall style of the American military practice - is primarily a war against the civilian population in order to demoralize the military forces of the enemy. In the current practice with regard to Russia is a form of pressure, and a reminder of the fact that such weapons can be used. In an escalation of the situation - the ability to use these weapons against Russia. There are many situations in which American lawyers give way or another according to a different meaning, narrowing or expanding, and ultimately allows to do what was initially banned. Among other things, there is the example of the US missile defense system, which they create, despite the protests of the Russian Federation, and say that it is not directed against our country. In today’s world language becomes so much uncertainty, there is always the opportunity to say that what you do does not fall under the previous agreement. In fact, the Americans, of course, violate, but they can pretend that they understand it as a non-infringement, - the expert concludes international affairs.

Dean of the Faculty of Sociology and Political Science, University Alexander financial Shatila, commenting on the unfolding geopolitical consequences on Russia’s border network of biological warfare laboratories, noted the increasing degree of opposition, which compels the West to go to such opportunistic steps:

- Modern science, including biology and genetic engineering have reached such serious height, including these special areas related to bad application of chemical agents and biological weapons that, in general, the presence of virtually on Russia’s borders such centers can be perceived how to put it mildly, a threat to national security. I think that if Russia has placed its biological laboratory somewhere in Mexico, the US not only served to protest, but would have made an attempt to simply destroy these centers. Because this kind of bomb - a very serious threat. And there may be not only a direct threat to Russia factor in terms of what the United States can use a biological weapon. It can leak toxins and microbes on someone’s negligence: the human factor no one excluded. And then we get an epidemic of some plague in Russia. And then, what we’re talking about, it is only those laboratories that are known. I am sure that there are still a number of secret agencies, who work for US intelligence agencies and prepare for X o’clock to strike on the territory of Russia. Therefore, even the very existence of these laboratories - a threat to the national security of the Russian Federation, and it is good that this problem the Foreign Ministry and the authorities finally identified.

29 August 2016

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